Friday, May 11, 2007

Cute Quotables From the Boys

I really ought to do this more often. The boys say so many cute things, and I try my best to write them all down for later journal entries. But I also love to email them to friends and family, so I think a blog is a perfect place for it!


There was a man stocking shelves at the grocery store. He had a duster in his back pocket. Reed saw him and shouted, "Dad, that man has a chicken tail!"

In trying to convince me to let him have some more outside time one afternoon: "The kids might need me. They always need my help scooping sand."

Using logic to convince me to let him play at a playground near a huge gaping hole complete with a ten-feet mound of dirt (though fenced off with flimsy plastic): "Well, I know you don't want us to get muddy, but it gots a gate."


When I said, "I love you" while putting him to bed: "I too."

When Reed accidentally bumped him and didn't notice: "Sorry. Okay? Yes."

After seeing how much my belly button pokes out when I took off my shirt: "Baby! Baby! Baby!" (while poking my belly button)

And every time we drive to Lily's house, he can't help but say her name in gleeful tones the entire way there: "Yee-yee! Yee-yee!"

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Abby Hanson said...

So cute! Reed's going to be a politician or something that requires debate! He's so clever. I LOVE Jax's "yee-yee" for Lily.