Thursday, November 29, 2007

Big deal? Yes.

Lately my mind won't stop writing. Every time I see anything that provokes any reaction in me, I don't just want to take a picture. I want to write about it. I have to write about it. Little snippets of writing keep snaking through my mind, begging to be tacked down to paper.

We like to call it The Great and Terrible Hard Drive Crash of 2005. Amongst other things lost: 200 pictures (albeit low-quality) lost, and 200+ pages of writing (12pt. Times New Roman blood, sweat, and tears....) I haven't written (just to write--not including blogging) consistently since then. So this is a big deal for me. Which is why I thought I'd let everyone in my blogging circle know.
Three cheers (one for each child?) for trying to revive the creative drive. (That rhyme was almost accidental.)

Monday, November 26, 2007

Family Words II

I'll be posting my Thanksgiving dinner pictures (not terribly exciting, but informative) in a day or two, just in case any of you are waiting with baited breath....:) Hahhaha. Right.

In connection with Abby's recent post, I had to post some of our family words, most of which are courtesy of Reed:

amn't (also listed on Abby's blog, this is a contraction of "am" and "not", and I have to say I find it quite useful. Reed debuted this awesome concoction at age 3. He's 5, and we still use it all the time.)

benember (Reed's mispronunciation of "remember". He has pretty much outgrown it, but we just like it. It makes us happy. Do you benember?)

"Mom, your chest is chunky." (Figure out this one yourself. He says it lovingly, and to describe my womanly form, but I'm not so fond of it. And yet it sticks.)

And the last one that I can think of off the top of my head:
"Oh, chips!" (This one is the result of Phill finding Jaxon covered in dish soap--mostly in his eyes--and repeatedly saying oh-something-else in his panic. Reed was hiding guiltily, and the next morning, he said, "Mom. When something bad happens, Daddy says, 'Oh chips oh chips oh chips oh chips!!'" Of course we prefer this version of the memory.)

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Get ready....staggeringly happy blog ahead!

Today is November 20th, one day before my oldest baby will turn 5 years old, and he will be not-so-much a baby anymore. It's also two days before Thanksgiving, which might have prompted my thankful mood this afternoon.

I dropped Reed off at preschool, and had to drag a screaming Jaxon from the classroom (He desperately wishes it were his school, too). Then I noticed that my runny-nosed Savanna was eagerly stuffing the paper flier I held into her mouth, smearing it with the contents of her poor, red, little nose. And Jaxon pulled his hand from my grasp, crying harder when I said, "No, I have to hold your hand. We're in the parking lot." Eventually he calmed down and asked me for Daddy, to which I replied that Daddy would have insistently held his hand in the parking lot, too. For some reason, though, none of this really phased me this afternoon. Instead, it made me smile, and made me feel happy to be a mother. Why? Because I feel a strange sense of satisfaction when I have to do something for the safety of my child, even when they don't like it. It makes me feel like this:

If I never take an award-winning, groundbreaking, earth-shaking photograph, that's okay. If I never write something that broadens the mind, draws upon the emotions, and clarifies the senses of the thousands who read it, that's okay. If there is nothing to my name except "Wife, mother, daughter, sister, friend", that's perfect. That's fine. Why? Because I'm a mother. I'm doing the hardest job I could possibly do--and "job" is really not accurate. I--those of us who mother--do something that requires all my energy, time, passion, and effort. There is no break! And I am nurturing those who will forge paths and brave trials of which I never would have dreamed. My family is my legacy, my family is my honor, my family is me.

We wear our labors like medals of honor. Adopted or biological, C-section or otherwise, natural or medicated, short or long, complicated or smooth, home or hospital: Our labors, our efforts to bring these children here, are the beautiful medals we wear. Our children are our beauty, our accomplishment, our evidence of our willingness to sacrifice.

Now, of course I have difficult months, difficult weeks, difficult days, difficult moments. I would never claim that it's all smooth sailing. But the rewards are so great, and they more than make up for the times I don't know if I can keep going. Sometimes I watch my children in their sleep, their faces so relaxed and open, and I feel so close to where we come from, and I feel a mixture of homesickness and love--I think that's what it means when you say "I love them so much it hurts". I feel blessed by the experience, and humbled to have to work so hard every day to give yet more of myself. I'm happy to be a mother. I love being a mother. If all I ever do is be a dedicated mother and devoted companion to Phill, it will be the very best I could have given in this life.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Thanksgiving Ideas

Calling all fellow bloggers/readers of my blog:

How do you like to prepare your Thanksgiving turkey? Or what was the favorite turkey recipe you had?

Any suggestions (overall) for Thanksgiving meal preparation?

How do you serve other (more needful) people on Thanksgiving? Any traditions?

And lastly, any suggestions to really emphasize the gratitude-focus of the day?

This is our first Thanksgiving at home, our first actually preparing the meal ourselves--actually we're having some of our dearest friends over, and they'll be bringing several dishes, too--but technically, it's our first. (We're not counting the early Thanksgiving we had when Phill was home on leave in October of '05.)

I know there are several questions here. If you want to email me your answers, if you feel like it and have time, have at it! And if you only feel like answering one (or none), that's okay, too! I'm just putting this out there, seeing what I'll get out of it.

So far, we're doing: the turkey, cranberry sauce, rolls, pumpkin & apple pie, gravy, and our friends are doing green bean casserole and stuffing, and mashed potatoes. I have good recipes for the pies and rolls. But any other recipes (for the turkey, sauce, or gravy) are welcome.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jeans, Thighs, & Washes, Oh my.....

Okay--I have no idea if this post will be helpful. But if it is, cool! And if not, well, now you know what jeans I like. Abby, in her quest for the perfect pair of jeans, inspired me to post this.

As a rule, I usually like very dark jeans with NO whisker-washing and NO fading, preferably slightly flared legs. I recently found a pair that I'm in love with, and that's saying a LOT....I usually come home from jeans shopping quite frustrated, wondering why on earth "they" never make good jeans for my shape. (In my effort to be kinder to myself, I'll say my shape is "curvy".) So the top pair, those are my absolute favorite. And the second pair is a comfortable close second--a little less flattering, but still really cute. (I know they have a little fading, but it's so little that it doesn't really bother me.) Anyway, they're both from Old Navy, and I got them online for under $30.00 each. (One pair was on sale...) The first pair is the Mid-Rise Wide-Leg "The Flirt" Trouser Jean. And the second pair is Mid-Rise Flare "The Flirt" Jean.

My haircut/hairthin

I got my hair cut! Actually--I only took off about a fourth-inch of length, but I got it thinned, which always makes a huuuuge difference. This is kind of a weird picture. Actually I think I look REALLY weird. But it shows the hair!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sunday the 11th is Veteran's Day


Phill is the platoon sergeant for this platoon, and so I was able to accompany him to the airport in St.George yesterday afternoon to welcome these soldiers home. (6 soldiers, I think) He called a lot of media outlets there in St.George to get the word out, and the support was awesome--notice the several Korean War & Vietnam veterans attending, and the Patriot Guard that greeted the soldiers as they exited the airport. It was nice to be welcoming soldiers home--although it was nice, too, that I wasn't welcoming Phill home. :) I don't want to have to do that again. Anyway, it was just a really uplifting time to be at the airport and see all the families and friends greet the people they've missed most for the past year.

Friday, November 2, 2007


Okay, I'm just now getting around to posting our pictures from Halloween. We went to our ward's Trunk-or-Treat, which we loved. So much safer, easier, more fun....Reed was going to be Spiderman, until a friend lent me a pirate costume, and he fell in love with that. On Halloween, I asked him, "Why don't you want to wear the Spiderman costume I got you?" And he sighed heavily and said, "Mom....the Spiderman costume is just not cool anymore."

Jaxon was Cookie Monster (a very solemn Cookie Monster, in fact), and Savanna was a pink bear. (I just wanted her to be warm, and the coat and footie pants were one thing I had that seemed costume-like enough.) Oh, and we handed out all the candy we had, and the boys got a decently small amount, so I'm happy not to be tempted by so many mini chocolate bars....but I might go buy some Kit Kats. You know....just to have the house....ahem.