Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Because this will get to you SO much faster than an envelope.....

DeVault 2011
A Monthly Play-by-Play

Phill begins year in typical fashion, with surgery—this time on his elbow.
Rae begins year praying for a miracle—the chance to stay in Saint George.

Receive news that we're NOT moving to Spokane, Washington.
Watch the Packers win the Super Bowl.
Feel that Saint George will be our permanent home.

Think about house-hunting in Saint George.
Rae finally allows Reed to bike to school on his own.
The entire half-mile.
And only calls the school once to make sure he made it there intact.

Begin house-hunting in Saint George.

Find dream house, make an offer.
Celebrate Phill's birthday.
Host some of Phill's side of the family for an epic, wonderful visit.
Find out we ARE Grand Prairie, Texas.
Find out offfer on dream house is approved.
DeVaults mad. Very mad.
Celebrate Savvy's 4th birthday.

Cram in time with family and friends as much as possible.

Cram belongings into boxes as much as possible.
Blow stuff up. (A very cathartic 4th of July.)
Happily spend time at Rae's parents' new house in Salt Lake City.

Sit tight at the Davis home in Oklahoma.
Try to find a house in Dallas.
Try to find a house in Dallas.
Try to find a house in Dallas.
Celebrate Rae's birthday.
See small miracles wrought—find house in Dallas.
Celebrate Jaxon's 6th birthday.

Move into our house.
Puzzle over the “quirkiness” of house.
Enjoy the overall prettiness of said house.
Boys start school.
Boys hate school.
Savvy loves boys at school.
Rae loves the GPS.

Receive church callings.
See more small miracles--Boys love school.
Kids love church.
Meet many new, friendly people. (Practice saying, “Hey, ya'll!”)
Joyfully welcome our first UT visitor

Celebrate Reed's 9th birthday
Enjoy Thanksgiving at the Davis home
Rae using the GPS significantly less.

Make treats
Make messes
Make plans
Rae through the roof (happy) when second UT visitor shows up
Count our blessings
(too many to count)