Monday, May 21, 2007


My craving for Bajio has been satisfied! And, due to the unbelievable portions they serve, my craving will be satisfied again tomorrow for lunch.
Savanna has dropped lower than ever, completely changing the shape of my belly and allowing me to breathe better than I have in months. I'm 38 weeks today. Tomorrow I find out where I am on the scale of labor and such things....dilation, effacement, all those fun things. I've had contractions--real and Braxton-Hicks--off and on in increasing amounts for days. Hopefully they're doing something tangible for me. I don't feel frantic to have her out of me, but I'm certainly impatient and excited.
Saturday we went to the zoo, and had I had the patience (and stamina), I would have stood in the line to see the white alligator. The walking was good for me, stirring up several contractions and making me use muscles that were apparently asleep for the last nine (ten?) months. There was an uncomfortable-looking pregnant woman everywhere we looked, as well as one nervous-yet-physically-comfortable-looking new mother everywhere we looked.
Anyway....Phill's golf lesson is over, so I'm on my way to get him. More later, I suppose.

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Abby Hanson said...

Mmmm, Bajio's. Anyone who hasn't had the pleasure is REALLY missing out. Makes me hungry just thinking about it.

Come on Savanna, get a move on it!! :)