Sunday, May 27, 2007

more quotables

We went on a family walk this morning and went to see some sheep in a little enclosure. The boys were really excited, but Reed just about hyperventilated when he saw that there was a little white goat in with the sheep. He's really fascinated with goats lately because he's learned that they'll eat really weird stuff, along with regular feed. Anyway, the sheep were bleating, and the boys were bleating back. Then the goat bleated, and it sounded a lot like the sheep. Reed said, "That goat speaks lamb."

We were swimming, and it was only me, Phill, Jax and Reed at our apartment complex pool. I guess that the time before last, there were lots more people and the water was moving a bit more, because Reed asked this time, "Why is the water so flat today?"

We walked past a man holding a little dog on our walk this morning. Reed called back as we passed, "I like your dog! It's clean!" :)

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Abby Hanson said...

It's clean! HAHAHA!