Saturday, October 4, 2008

Thoughts on Conference....but not what you'd expect!

Abby, thank you, thank you, thank you again for helping me have some logic and perspective when I called almost in tears today. I am certain I picked you for my older sister!

Not logical:
Expecting my three children under the age of six to sit silently through two two-hour Saturday sessions of conference.

Asking of them just to sit through at least the Sunday morning session, having provided them with necessary hand-busying activities.

Not logical:
Yelling at my children while I listen to lovely messages about faith, hope, charity, etc.....

Being better prepared with not only materials, but a more concrete game plan.

More peaceful impressions to follow tomorrow, I expect. In the meantime, apologizing and catching my breath. Glad to have all sessions recorded and at my fingertips for quieter times.


Lara said...

I hear you. I also promise it gets better.

My kids were pretty angelic during the morning session...Bria even did a lot of listening with the worksheets I printed out for her, while Chloe and Sophie quietly colored.

Afternoon session wasn't as great, but Sophie at least was asleep. :)

Heidi said...

We ask the older two (almost 7 and 5) to listen when the prophet speaks and we try to treat Sunday morning as the session we all attempt to listen to... attempt. We can't even get through the sacrament on Sunday without someone having to be taken out - not the entire meeting, literally JUST the sacrament we can't even get through reverently. :) So at this stage of our life, if they are relatively quiet so we can listen then we call it good. I remind myself that if they see us eager to listen to conference, they will learn from our example and as they get older they will also develop a love of conference and we can expect more by way of reverent attention. In a few years. But for now, with 6, 5, 3, 2 and baby... I'm just happy if I can hear over the dull roar and get a chance to be personally recharged.

I hope you are able to enjoy conference tomorrow!

Abby Hanson said...

Thanks! :) I know I picked YOU for a little sister. Don't worry. Tomorrow will be better.

Kate said...

Hang in there. It does get better. Just take time to listen later. It was so awesome and I REALLY needed it.

Suzanne said...

It does get better, I don't expect Katherine to watch but when someone sings she comes out to watch. Emily has to watch but she enjoys it and Preston comes and goes. We just have lots of snacks and wear our jammies and sometimes we pull out the sleeping bags, they really like that and it keeps them in one spot.
I hope tomorrow is easier for you.