Friday, September 26, 2008

Hiatus from the Heat/Sick of Sweat

I thought I was adjusting well to the Saint George heat. I figured my ability to keep my mind in a sane place even while my skin was seeming to crackle with the baking heat was a good sign that I'd do just fine with the weather here in Utah's Dixie.

I was absolutely wrong. I am not adjusting well to the heat. I was doing great when it was summer--but now that it is technically fall, I'm, well, feeling like I'm going to lose my mind!! I need autumn. I need the leaves changing and the cooling air and the watered-down sunshine. I need the respite from ferociously hot summers. And guess what? Apparently, Saint George doesn't do fall. And it's taking its toll on me.

When picking up Reed from school, as I buckle Jaxon and Savvy into their seats, leaning over Savvy's chair to do Jaxon's buckles because one of our doors is broken until we get "that one piece", sweat drips down the sides of my face in maddeningly slow trickles, mixing with the stuff the dermatologist gave me, which THEN causes my skin to itch furiously!! So as I struggle with buckles that are almost unreachable to my outstretched arms over the back of Savanna's seat, trying to get Jaxon to cooperate instead of moving like molasses, I hope it's understood why I feel rather nuts in my mind. I don't say a word. I wait until I'm sitting in the front seat, air-conditioning full-blast on my face, sweat wiped off, hair pulled up, before I ask Reed sweetly, "Did you have a good day, honey?"

Very much missing Cedar City right now.

HOWEVER!! However, I will have some rest, it appears. Since Phill will be gone for six weeks in the next month and then six weeks again in February (you know, Army stuff--as it always is), he has lovingly insisted that I go to spend this weekend with my friend in Pleasant Grove. (He actually did have to insist, and I'm glad he did. I'm getting progressively happier and more excited as it gets closer to me leaving.) And if it's even five degrees cooler than here, I will fall to my knees and kiss the green grass.

Sayonara! :) I might stop in Cedar City on my way back--we shall see!


Emnacnud said...

hey, you are welcome to come stay with us too, we have cooler weather in sandy. i would love to see you and your cute kiddos.

Lara said...

I was going to say, at the beginning of this post, well then...there's only one solution. Come visit!

So, you'd better stop in Cedar on the way home.

Have fun with your friend!

Suzanne said...

I feel your pain. I miss fall too.
We have spring and summer here. Just wait until winter though when you don't have to deal with the snow, it will be great!!!!
It will probably take you a year to adjust and your blood will thin and you will get use to it.

Marie said...

Have a wonderful trip! As much as I love summer, I love mild weather more. I think I'm a spring and fall girl myself. :)

Andrea said...

So fun!

I'm with you on the whole heat thing. Not that Mapleton is nearly as hot as St. G, but I thought fall was here, and then it got hot again. Walking home from the library is a rough time for mommy (esp since Z's tires are flat and she has to walk too, and she goes so SLOW in the STINKIN 80+ degree weather). Yes, I know I'm a wuss, but I'm great with 70 and a breeze.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Yep... I've been in St. George for well like 13 years now and our Fall lasts maybe 2-4 weeks. Last year I remember totally sweating at our family Halloween party at the end of October. So, I wouldn't get upset yet, because you still have a good month +. Sorry lady.

Kate said...

I was wondering how you were adjusting to the heat. If you stop I always have room if you want to stay and go run. I bet you are excited to have a chance to get away to somewhere cooler. Hang in there and keep smiling.

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I like fall too. My favorite season is spring, but Fall is close behind. I like summer until it get's too hot, but the only thing good about winter is the beauty of the snow when it first falls and Christmas. I absolutely can't stand being cold and I always wish I lived somewhere hot. I wish there was somewhere I could move that would stay about 80-90 degrees year round!