Sunday, October 12, 2008

Note to Reed:

If you would like your future dates/girlfriends/friends who are girls to have any staying power at all, it's best not to tell them a) "You smell like a monkey." or b) "Your hair is like a monkey."

They will most certainly not be as forgiving as your kind mother.



Suzanne said...

Cody use to do that to, so he say's.
He use to tell girls they were pretty with the follow up "pretty smelly" or "pretty ugly".

chucknorris said...

what's that all about? he said that to you or to some little girls? hahah either way its pretty funny!
but yeah i hope he didnt hurt anyone's feeligns

Sarah said...
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Marie said...

hahaha :)

I love how kids have no reservations and zero tact when it comes to speaking their mind. It makes for some great laughs and "remember when" conversations.

Susan said...

Ah boys, aren't they fun? Maybe someday I'll get a girl. Then again maybe not.