Sunday, October 19, 2008

Just because....

Happy-makers: An abbreviated list of things that bring me joy

In no particular order
1. Good health

2. A great book

3. Laughter (good, hearty laughter, the kind that makes tears roll down my cheeks)

4. Lists
5. A clean house

6. My kids laughing
7. A ream of computer paper
8. Pilot pens
9. When Phill offers to get things down from the high shelves in the kitchen cabinets for me
10. When Reed doubles back from a dead-sprint to school, just for a hug
11. When Jaxon tells me he picked up a piece of trash off the ground-"Mom, I found this on the world. I picked it up off the world."
12. When Savanna pats Jaxon on the head as he naps on the couch and says "Baby....Baby..."
13. Sitting on the loveseat with a good book, some good chocolate, and a cup of ice water.
14. Going pee in peace.
15. When I come home to Phill, the kids, and a cleaned-by-Phill house after being gone at a freezing-cold yard sale that yielded not enough money for all the work involved. (true story last Saturday)
16. Seasonal movies (just the good ones, though)
17. Cuddling up on the couch to watch a movie or show with Phill
18. Phone calls from family
19. Getting back in touch with long-lost friends
20. Lunch with a friend
21. A good haircut
22. My kids getting good haircuts (for cheap? even better)
23. Weird/cool finds at yard sales or thrift stores
24. The Farmer's Market in Ancestor Square
25. Frei's Fruit Market in Santa Clara
26. Main Street in Santa Clara
27. Historical sites
28. Phill acting silly just to make me laugh
29. Making my friends laugh
30. Making my kids laugh
31. Sleeping in
32. Waking up early and accomplishing a lot before noon
33. Libraries
34. Bookstores in general, but most especially old bookstores or bookstores that aren't mass-produced
35. Yummy soups (especially on cold days)
36. Understanding the scriptures
37. New car smell
38. Phill coming home from work (and the kids running and yelling, "Daddy!" repeatedly and frantically)
39. The support of my family, but specifically my sisters, who band together when any one of us needs extra "lift". :)


Marie said...

This the perfect thing for me to read today. Made me want to cozy up with a book, call my sisters, and eat more chocolate... :)

Heidi said...

I love it, I need to write a list, too...