Monday, October 6, 2008

Phill Made the Papes!! :)

Phill has drill the first weekend of the month, every month. (Usually.) One drill of the year for their soldiers has always been to work the St. George Marathon. This basically means they catch people--literally catch people who make it across the finish line and find that they just can't move their legs anymore!

Anyway, this year a couple of the soldiers' pictures made it into The Spectrum! And Phill was one of them!!! It's actually a GREAT photo of him, really shows his true nature.

Go here to see his photo (#68); the other one (with soldiers in it) is #77.

And although we were considering doing the marathon together this year, that's obviously the furthest we got--thinking about it. :) But we've resolved that provided we can register on time, we will do the next one together. Poor Phill, he'll have to go so slow to avoid losing me in the crowds. He did his 2-mile for his P.T. test yesterday in 13:12.

Pfft. Ridiculous.


Lara said...

Okay...I thought from facebook that he ran the marathon, and obviously he could! I never knew the soldiers came to catch people...that picture is great! I'm pretty sure they'd be hauling me off on a stretcher.

2 miles in 13:12? I'd be lucky to do ONE mile in that! Pfft, indeed.

Abby Hanson said...

Seriously?! Seriously Phill? I'm beginning to think he might not be quite human. That's just awesome. And insane.

Kate said...

I thought he ran the marathon also, but I bet it was fun anyway. I bet you could run the marathon next year.

Andrea said...

So, he probably gets puked on, huh? I've noticed that some people tend to run until they puke, and that's just icky.