Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Thanks! (and Help!)

Thank you to all of you who commented on my photos! You gave me a good dose of self-esteem medicine. :) And I'm glad to see a positive response for posting photos of myself. I think all of you should post pictures of yourself. Kaysha, I may just hunt you down and SNEAK a photo of you. I really mean that. I may just accidentally show up at Costco at the same time....Wal-Mart.....Children's Place.....keep looking over your shoulder, woman!

Okay. I need some help.

I am addicted to white bread. I HATE wheat bread (for sandwiches) and even when it's homemade, I don't like it (for sandwiches). I LOVE wheat bread as toast or with hummus, but as for sandwiches? I just love that horrible white-flour-and-yeast combination. Sue me.

Anyway, I've discovered that although I possess a rather unhealthy addiction to white bread, I
love wraps! Even the whole-wheat ones are good. I've tried using whole wheat tortillas for wrap-ish lunches, but they're just not very pliable or yummy.

Lo and behold....I was at Lin's last night and saw these beautiful wraps--very pliable, labeled as wraps, specifically made for healthier lunches, etc....FOR
ALMOST FOUR DOLLARS FOR SIX!!!! Are you as disgusted as I am?! Six wraps, let's see....that would be gone in one lunchtime. One and a half for me, half for Savvy, one for Reed and one for Jax, two for Phill....yep. Gone in one lunchtime. So if I ate those ridiculously expensive wraps for each lunch for one week, that would cost us $28. Multiply that times four if I wanted to make it a habit, and you have nearly $120. Our entire month's budget is $400 (toiletries and cleaning supplies and diapers and wipes INCLUDED....it's HARD to stick to it, and we often don't). I'm not about to spend more than one-fourth of our budget on wraps. We spend maybe $7.50 a week on bread, $10.50 at the top (the Farm Bread brand at $1.50 a loaf). When I consider White bread that I love: $10.50 a week or Really Yummy Wraps that are Way Better For Me: $28.00 a week, I just don't think it's worth the extra cost. Maybe I'm being stingy? Am I?

So what I'm wondering is: Do any of you have a good recipe for wraps? Whole-wheat preferably, but tomato-basil and spinach welcome, as well as other kinds I haven't thought of. Christine? Heidi? Crystal? Abby? Mandy? Call on your recipe archives?

Meanwhile, still dreaming of the incredible wrap I had at Costco a couple of months ago.....turkey and Havarti cheese and some other delicious stuff. That thing was the size of a ferret--it most certainly wasn't healthy in its gargantuan proportions. But it was good enough that yes, I'm still craving it long after its digestion.


Abby Hanson said...

No recipes for wraps from my corner. I'm hoping you get some good responses though because I'd love a recipe too! Remember my turkey cobb salad wrap obsession? Mmmm. Sounds SO good. It's been awhile. I think it's time to start again. :)

If nobody has one, I'll go google it and see what I can find and share that.

Lara said...

Your pictures are beautiful. YOU are beautiful.

I buy Sara Lee Soft and Smooth whole wheat...it almost seems like white bread. At our Walmart here it is 1.97 a loaf. I have no recipes for wraps. Sorry. :)

The Taylors said...

I dont mind the wheat bread but I do have to get a loaf of qhite about every 2 months. I really like Honey Wheat bread for sands. Its now one of my fav.

The Taylors said...

and im with Lara so far Sara Lee is the best but I also get nature made.

Abby Hanson said...

Okay, you put a bee in my bonnet. :) First I googled and could only find one recipe. It was gluten-free so it had all sorts of weird flours and starches. Then I remembered that we both are memmbers of the 24 Hour Menu...duh. So I posted asking a question. Go see the question and the comments it got. I'm excited!

mandy said...

Sorry I am slow in the response, I too buy the Sara Lee whole wheat bread at Wal-MArt for 1.97 and it really is just like white, just a different color. But about wraps, I do not have any recipes but I have been trying to make more things at home, and tortillas is one that I am going to try, and there are lots of recipes, and then you could get creative. I will let you know.

About the clothes, we would love anything, because we have nothing!!
And I need your address

Kate said...

A recipe for wraps would be great.I don't have one either. I do use the Sara Lee bread and it is pretty good.

Crystal said...

No wrap recipe here either...

On the bread issue: if you buy wheat bread, make sure it really is wheat. If the first ingredient isn't 100% whole wheat flour, it doesn't count. :) Tricky labeling!

I've had that turkey wrap from Costco before and it rocks! I'm a sucker for Havarti. Pretty sure I've even blogged about my love before :)

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Is it bad that I am a total white bread lover and really don't care to change that about myself? I love the nine grain bread from Great Harvest for toast, but that is about it. I totally won't do the sandwhich thing with wheat bread by choice.

Sorry no recipes. I'm not really a wrap lover. I don't dislike them, but I just don't love them.

carajean said...

Lol...I don't think I have every heard anyone say that something was as big as a ferret. I'm going to have to start saying that right now. Oh Rae, it's only been like a week and I miss you already! Jen and I will have to plan a trip down there sooner than later.

carajean said...

Oh, and have you ever tried pitas? They are cheaper, but not as...wrappy.

Suzanne said...

My sister in law makes a tasty wrap.
She takes cream cheese and mixes a taco seasoning in it and then spreads a thin layer on the wrap and then she puts chicken and lettuce and tomato on it.
She buys a rotisarrie(I botched the spelling on that) chicken from the store-already cooked and hot.
She shreds it and keeps it in the fridge and then it's quick and easy to make lunch for herself everyday.
p.s. Costco sells just the wraps somewhere in the back.
I too don't like wheat bread but I don't really each much bread either.

Suzanne said...
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