Tuesday, March 22, 2011

{30-DC} Day 9: Something/someone you’re proud of.

Aside from the "normal" things I'm proud of--my marriage, my children, my birthing of those children, etc., I'm proud of the fact that a few days ago, I made several dinners, labeled and froze them for quick future use. I am THRILLED about that, because now, instead of panicking about what to make for dinner at 5:30 (and resorting to Little Caesar's or McDonald's), I can just thaw it and make it. Ta-daaaa! This'll be especially helpful on Wednesdays--which go like this, usually:
4:30 - 5:30 Scouts (which I need to go to because I'm a leader, not just because Reed is in it)
6:00 or 6:30 Phill's meetings at the church
8:45 Phill comes home
9:00 Phill goes to basketball
I forgot to mention that at 7:35, I collapse.

I used the cookbook Once-a-Month Cooking for a sort of jumping-point (in fact, I actually ended up only using one meal from that cookbook, oddly enough--Taco Soup) and then most of the other things I froze were crockpot meals that I just assembled (doing the prep and putting it all in a labeled bag or dish) and just need to be thawed and thrown into the crockpot. (For three of my recipes I used Fix It and Forget It--I'm doing Easy Teriyaki Chicken, Hearty Beef Stew, and Melanie's Cordon Bleu. In case you wanted to know.) Then there are other things that are easy to freeze, like marinated chicken (LOVE Mel's Kitchen Cafe--her Lemon Garlic Chicken is a staple around here) and homemade macaroni and cheese.

So that's it! I'm proud of dinner. :)


Christine said...

That is something to be proud of! Why does making dinner always feel like the hardest part of the day?! I really should follow your example so my men don't go hungry when this baby arrives!

Rae said...

Oh Chris, I am TELLING you, this had taken care of 80% of my daily stressers! I'll send you a list of some things I froze, and you can take it from there and maybe get some things into the freezer before that bouncing baby boy makes his entrance!

Qait said...

I'm serious, I would like some of those recipes! :)
I love to bake/cook, but I haven't felt up to it! I mean, that's understandable I know, but that doesn't fix it.
I probably stress about dinner more than I like to admit! :D
That's a great thing to be proud of.

Andrea said...

I've wanted to do freezer meals, but we have so little freezer space. Yes, I could make it work, but that is my excuse. :)