Sunday, March 27, 2011

{30-DC} Day 14: A picture of something you ate and 10 confessions.

I actually showed a great deal of restraint and only had 3 of these babies today. I made PW's Marlboro Man's Favorite Sandwich for dinner, know...I had to show some reserve in the dessert area to make up for all the butter. ;)

10 Confessions:

1-I watch too much TV. But I'm actually actively working on it, and my plan is working.

2-I haven't exercised regularly for a couple of months.

3-I like how long my hair is and would cry, feeling a loss of Hair Mojo, if I cut it.

4-I sometimes wonder if I've reached some unsuitable age for having really long hair. (Then I quickly decide there IS no such thing. Poo-poo to that.)

5-I let the kids stay up until 9:30 tonight, two hours past bedtime, because 1: I was feeling lazy, 2: It's Friday and 3: All three of them were playing blissfully together...and I like to encourage that whenever it happens.

6-Sometimes I'd like to re-create a scene from my 12-year-old days in Colorado, when my little sisters and I used to go out in the backyard at night, in our thin nightgowns in the summer, and sing My Fair Lady songs while dancing on the patio.

7-I read a lot of Young Adult books. Right now, The Mysterious Benedict Society. Just finished the 2nd.

8-I pick my nose.
Addendum: I worry about over-sharing, but obviously not enough.

9-This commercial makes me cry every time. Without fail. No matter how stone-cold I try to be whenever it comes on, I'm at the very least welling up with a lump in my throat by the end, or just full-on weeping while the kids stare at me in confusion.

10-I tend to forget to check the mail for days at a time.


Christy said...

3...if your too old for long hair then I'm in trouble! lol (I just had this discussion with a young lady at church last Sunday and she assured me I was alright.)

7...I just finished the first one, I found it to have a lack of plot twist that I'd was the 2nd one?

8...I think everyone does.

Luv you!

Rae said...

Christy--I loved the 2nd one. The first surprised me! With um...Constance. I won't say more because Abby's reading it to her girls!

Andrea said...

I love seeing old ladies with long hair. Almost all of them have the granny cut, and it's so fun to see longer hair on older people. (Not that you are anywhere near being granny age, but the thought came to mind for you hair length item.) ;)

Qait said...

I'm so excited to be growing my hair out, and I often think of my hair looking like yours now that I've dyed it, and that's exciting to me! Totally a compliment to you. I LOVE your long hair, LOVE it. It's so gorgeous! :D

If it makes you feel better, I went a long while without exercising, and this morning I didn't even wake up to my alarm (at all--unusual!).

I got a little weepy with that commercial.

chucknorris said...

i remember #6! that was fun!
haha... "the kids stare at me in confusion"