Thursday, March 31, 2011

{30-DC} Day 18: Plans/dreams/goals you have a dreamer, I like this one! I am often making lists of things I'd like to do or be, and then making sub-lists of how to become those things. And before I go to sleep each night, I'm usually daydreaming. Lately, I've been working really hard on making those dreams become reality--rather than just written lists or sleepy daydreams. I have many, many dreams. I've shared lots of them here. I think my heart is pretty plainly displayed on my sleeve. So if these things are a bit redundant, well, feel free to skip this post. ;)

I think that when you begin to put into action the steps necessary to accomplish your dreams or goals, it all becomes one thing. Plans, dreams, goals--they all mesh. They become one thing. So here's my (rather abbreviated) list:

-Attend a Natalie Norton workshop

-Attend a Blue Lily workshop

-Live in a house with a big backyard and lots of natural light, enough to make me light-drunk, and a space for me to hang tons of photos

-Make enough of a living from photography or writing that Phill could quit or retire and do whatever he wants to do, and so that we could dictate our own schedules....well, HIS. Because I pretty much dictate mine. But I think it would be so incredible if Phill could be home whenever he'd like to be.

-Write a book that makes (good & powerful) waves where it matters most

And these last two, well, these Kind of tentative. Meaning, they're things that have come to mind many times, and I'm not sure whether they'll be a part of my life, or if they will, when...just...things on my radar.

-Being a doula



Heidi said...

So can I be tentatively excited by those last two? :)

Qait said...

YEAH! I've thought of those last two, too!

I would LOVE it if Michael could be home whenever he wants. I can't get enough of him! I'm grateful that at least with what he does, being a composer, it's a possibility! And the things I do--Mary Kay, harp--let me make money on a Mommy Schedule. So that's a BIG dream of mine, too!