Tuesday, March 29, 2011

{30-DC} Day 16: Something you could live without.

I'm not sure if this means something that annoys me, or if it's actually asking me to list the (many) things I could live without. Hm. We'll go with something that annoys me.

I could live without Clearance Sales that aren't really clearance. What I mean is:

When you are putting an item on clearance, your purpose is--at least as I understand it--to clear that item from your inventory. So to mark an item down like this--"CLEARANCE! 30% OFF!"--just annoys me! That's not clearance! To me, anything up to 40% is a sale, but anything 50% off or more is clearance.

So um...so there. :)


Andrea said...

Very good point. I think Kohl's is a pretty good store, but anything regularly priced there is SO expensive. To get a decent deal, it has to be half off or more.

Qait said...

I agree!
I thought about putting "ants" as something I could live without, but then I felt guilty and sad for the tiny ways the world would suffer by not having ants.
I guess that's me being a little egotistical--just because I would be living without ants doesn't mean the whole world would, but I just wasn't thinking that way when it came time to write. ;)
Makes me smile at myself, at least.