Friday, March 25, 2011

{30-DC} Day 12: A picture of your room & don’t cheat by cleaning it. Share a secret.

Alright, listen.

I know you don't really want to see the dirty clothes that are usually all over the floor, or the random toys here and there, or Phill's makeshift "office" or "kitchen" that is usually on his nightstand....(mail...bowls...wrappers...pens...). You already know I'm very much human, very imperfect, and very much prone to normal (and also really gross) household messes. You don't need to see them to know they happen.

I mean, I don't even want to see that mess. Which is why I TOTALLY CHEATED and CLEANED IT thoroughly before I took these pictures. I don't feel even a smidgen of guilt. Plus I'm excited about our new bedding (Ikea) and our new bed (King), and I didn't want the usual mess to take over center stage. So.
I know this is just a silly detail, but I love this pillow. Love it. Eventually I'd like this (and the gray bedspread) to be the inspiration for the whole room. Someday. I know they're kind of two different styles, but...I like them both. A lot.

Also, what is that little appendix in the title? Share a secret? About what, specifically? My room? Um....about my life? About what, exactly?

I'll go with random.

Sometimes, when I don't want to share a treat/food I'm craving with the kids, I hide in the pantry. Abby has gotten texts to the tune of, "How's your day going? I'm in the pantry. Orange creamsicle. My day is going awesome."

Cutest detail in the room, and frequent night visitor. She had to be in at least one picture. :)


Marie Photographie said...

I love that pillow, too! And your room is beautiful! :)

camilla said...

love it love it! your room is so huge (compared to mine) and i am totally jeal! But I love it! And Savvy is so big and beautiful, it's insane!

Christy said...

LOVE the light!...and the pillow. Your room is beautiful!

Andrea said...

So cute!

Qait said...

Gorgeous, you guiltless cheater! (It would probably be cooler for the Day Post thing to be "Clean your room and take a picture so you can feel super proud and show it off..." and yeah, why the secret?)
I love it, Rae.

By the way, I have a secret...we're redoing our bedroom. Totally. :D