Monday, March 14, 2011

{30-DC} Day 1: A recent picture of you and 15 interesting facts about yourself

Photo courtesy of Merilee Photography
1 - I've lived in Panama. (Not a new fact, but interesting nonetheless, right?)

2 - I like to watch girlie tween movies when Phill is out of town. The cheesier and girlier, the better.

3 - Sometimes I pick 'n flick (boogers). I know it's gross. Don't hate.

4 - I don't like sharing a blanket with Phill at night. He's not a hog--but I sure am.

5 - I have recently taken up meditation. It's a revelation.

6 - I have a soft spot for all things sock monkey.

7 - Sometimes I consider hiring someone to do my sweeping and mopping for me, I hate it that much. (Note: If you would like to come mop/sweep my floors twice weekly, for 8 weeks, I will gladly do a photo session for you....I'm completely serious.)

8 - I daydream about picnics in a large backyard with a pitcher of ice-cold homemade lemonade on a cheery yellow or red picnic table.

9 - I love olives. Green, black, kalamata. I love 'em all.

10 - I'm still scared of the dark. I manage it well, but I just really don't like darkness!

11 - I really love the smell of the pillowcases in my grandma's house. She doesn't use anything special--they're just beautiful and fresh and smell like....clean linen.

12 - I cry when I watch Monsters, Inc. and The Incredibles.

13 - The first movie I remember watching is Bambi. I will never watch it again.

14 - I love tea sets.

15 - One of my feet is half a shoe size bigger than the other.


Kelly said...

-YELLOW picnic table (that would be awesome)
-My grandma's pillowcases are wonderful too! :)
-The Incredibles--every time, like a baby.

but I love all 15-haha!

Andrea said...

I cried the last time I watched the Incredibles too. For me, it was when the mom and kids are in the jet flying to find Mr. Incredible, and the missiles are about to take them out.

Qait said...

I love tea sets too!!!! I saw an "adult" one at Target the other day and stood way too long dreaming over it.

I learned things about you, Rae! These were VERY interesting things! :) And you are just as awesome as ever.

PS: since sweeping/mopping is not so abhorrable to me, I really sincerely wish I could live close enough to just come by and ease your burden. be honest, it would be fun to me. I know, I know. I'm weird that way. I accept that.