Friday, February 26, 2010

Love you back

All you dear ones,
that's you, you who read this blog,
thank you.

Every time I post something which has received my utmost effort in writing,
something I am happy about and poured my creative heart into,
and you say how much you loved it
or that you love my writing
or that it brought you comfort or laughter or anything else good

my heart swells and my soul sings

you feed my creative spirit
you dear ones, you who read this blog,
you are the soft landing place for my creative endeavors and the things I need to share

thank you
thank you

thank you


leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Rae, I finally sat down to read you post on "Burning the Beans". If I were your writing teacher, I would have given you an A+. You had such a great message and ties all the ends up and kept me interested the whole time. I really do love your writing and I really miss seeing you and your family. Good luck in the next little while, while you hubby has to be gone. Remember, "You have everything you need...You can do this!" May I add another "I love your writing" to you collection?...Good, cause I do. :) Thanks!

midRae said...

Add another 'I love your writing.' Only in my dreams could I ever compare. You are an inspiration to me, I strive to be like Rae when it comes to jogging, and I think you will always continue to be an inspiration. I know it will be hard while your hubby is gone but you have had to do it before and you grew. How inspiring is that? Keep writing and taking photo's. You are noticed and admired more than you know.

Shayanne Snodgress said...

I love to read your stuff. It always makes me happy and I love you too , which is like a bonus :)

Susan said...

Thank you. I love feeling connected to you still!