Friday, February 5, 2010

A well-timed quote

Because who doesn't love a well-timed quote?

These words, from my brother-in-law Michael, composer, echo exactly how I want my photography (and really all my other creative endeavors) to grow.

"...I hope to be found writing songs that could be found on the radio, concertos that receive standing ovations in the concert halls, reverent works that invite the Holy Spirit to a religious service, or even rousing works that glorify the freedoms and principles on which America is founded. I want to make music for the people, music that is meant to be listened to by people who need music for specific and important functions in their lives. In each 'facet' of my work I want to apply the same artistic integrity, dedication to quality and wellspring of inspiration. "

Have I mentioned that he is brilliant?

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Qait said...

Absolutely brilliant. Man, I'm so lucky.