Thursday, February 11, 2010

Doctrine & Covenants 128:22

Can you tell what the subject was of my study this morning? :)

"...shall we not go on in so great a cause? Go forward and not backward. Courage...and on, on to the victory! Let your hearts rejoice, and be exceedingly glad. Let the earth break forth into singing."


Cynthia said...

I LOVE it! I love how you've documented this entire experience, or these little life's experience that make us who we are. You go from despair to hope and everywhere in between! Just like all of us! Thank you for sharing every little moment and the in-between moments, and I loved these scriptures.

Qait said...

I like that. You know something, I think it's harder to be sad/upset when singing. It makes a suprisingly good difference.
And...don't you think we're a lot like Papa in that we like to sing all goofy when we're especially happy?

I've been thinking of you and all my dear sisters a lot today. Scanning old pictures (I LOVE it). I found an awesome one of you in your old headgear--and guess what? You still looked pretty.

Shayanne Snodgress said...

I agree with cynthia. RAE you are a strong individual. One of the strongest I know which makes you of all people that can this on and conquer. Love you. stay strong and faithful. The Lord will bless.

carajean said...

Mmmmm, this is really good to hear.

Kate said...

The scriptures are so awesome. That is the subject that I have been reading about too. Hang in there and try to keep smiling. Thanks for being such an upbeat encourager to me.