Friday, February 5, 2010

Just Because

Inspired by my friend (we talked on the phone about it this morning), my random list of loves, which is so long that I don't really think anyone will get through it without wilting:

olives of every kind--black, green, purple

the smell of burning leaves in fall

that perfect curve on a baby's body in between the neck and shoulder--you know, the spot that just shouts, "Gobble me up!"

books by Sandra Dallas

books by Barbara Kingsolver

books in general

photos at the photo booth in the mall

the smell of books' pages (the good ones, not the musty gross ones)

when my kids jump out and startle me and it works (hardly ever does, with those eyes I have in the back of my head)

[the experience of, enjoyment of, and creation of] laughter

a good healthy cry

how Phill likes to smack my butt almost every time he walks by me

how Phill falls asleep for at least a few minutes every time he sits on the couch for longer than 30 seconds, and usually with one of our babies in his arms

Monsters, Inc. (Kitty!)

how Savvy silently shadows me throughout the day, taking notes, quietly helping, or begging for cuddles with her big brown eyes

how Jaxon thrives on making us all laugh

how Reed is so fiercely dedicated to fighting "bad guys" in all their forms

chocolate [why have I just now remembered this?]

ordering seafood at restaurants (because I just never make it quite the same at home)

Going out to eat with Phill

a well-timed quote or scripture

cows {I just do, okay?}

fields (of anything--wheat, grass, whatever)

red paint

picking scabs {I know, I know, I know....I'm cringing, too....}

photography books

sitting in Barnes & Noble looking through photography books I don't intend on buying

finding something so good at D.I. that I almost yelp out loud, then clutching it to my chest with crazy eyes so no one will DARE steal it from me....


pens (Pilot, Uni-ball)

cello music


origami cranes, especially when someone else makes them for me

a good lazy day

a good productive day

Saturdays full of cleaning, organizing, playing outside,
smelling like outside, and then going on a date with Phill
(those are really the only kinds of Saturdays I prefer)

the days when it's not quite summer yet, but starting to get that hint of warmth in the air (hope)

cloudy summer days

summer nights

Fourth of July celebrations in Junction, Utah

family reunions


wooden fences

rusting cars

exploring new places (mainly outside--nature)

barely-blue walls with white trim

people who like to fix broken things just for the sake of making it right again

Scotch tape

picking and eating cherries

vegetable gardens


biting my nails when they're really thick, white, gorgeous and SHOULDN'T BE BITTEN

picture frames


high-class camping (you know, log cabin in the woods, mountain air and hiking)

The Beatles


some Simon and Garfunkel

cookies from the neighbors

Christmas caroling

rolling down hills


Anna said...

I love many things on that list too.

Christine & Brian said...

Awesome list, makes me wonder what I'd put on my own list.

Kelly said...

I couldn't get through it all before my baby started crying. GTG!

PS--you have some weird ones! But I love the weird ones. :)

Lara said...

Best list ever! And I totally need to make myself one just like it.

Well, not JUST like it. I think mine will be a bit different.

Qait said...

mmm, I felt your love for those things just reading them! :D (teehee, cows!)
You're so cool, Lulu. :D

Jasmin Cee. said...

totally compels me to make a list of my own. just makes the world seem bright and clean looking at it this way.

From My Eyes said...

Now that is a pretty long list. But don't be afraid of the Cow one, I know a certain wonderful women who also loves cows. My mom. lol. So if we all copy you, will you be mad. Did not think so.

kate said...

I also love scotch tape, spring mornings, working outside all day, cookies from the neighbors and so many of those. Great randomness.

carajean said...

Idea stealer. Just kidding, I love it.