Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Amazingly, this self-piteous post does not coincide with any hormonal fluctuations. Imagine THAT!

Dear Friends.

I'm afraid lately I'm a lot of take and quite a bit less give.

The truth is....I am overwhelmed. Very. A long list of things to be tended to, on top of the everyday tending, which is sliding because I just can't. do. it. all.

Well, I can. I just have to muster up enough energy and cheerfulness. And that, sweet readers, is in short supply.

I am sapped because Phill will likely be deployed in a few months and moving forward and progressing means moving closer to that day. I'm sapped because there are so many areas of my life that need improvement--all important areas, so that it's hard to know exactly where to put my attention first!

{Here all the "I" in this post? Right, that's where I am at the moment. A little side of sad to go with my big plate of self-pity, thank you so much.}

Usually I strive to make this blog a happy, uplifting place. But it's also an honest place, and, I am finding, often a {self} comforting place.

So--that is my gripe today, my sad little story. I am going to go to bed and wake up with the determination to do everything that I don't want to--that is, everything that needs to be done {hello dishes, good day laundry, on my way phone calls and papers and photos} so that at last, I will feel some peace and some satisfaction in a job well done, my fear of moving forward momentarily at bay.


Kristy said...

Me too! Except my husband being deployed. I can see how that would make everything a hundred times worse! I'm so sorry :( Good luck today!


Kelly said...

Rae, there is not a doubt in my mind that if anyone can fulfill that list of duties, it is you. You are one of my favorite persons. You are beautiful inside and out, you are strong inside and out. And it's okay to be honest with yourself. It's awesome that you are brave enough to share it with all of us.

Love you Rae!

Christy said...

FlyLady changed my life...seriously. I'm thinking of you! Luv you!