Thursday, February 11, 2010

self-pity update

Yes, I am doing loads better this morning. A couple of things are helping me:

I am using FlyLady. I'm not rigidly following it, but I'm using helpful tips and soon I will be on "her" schedule. This morning I took care of some things I had been procrastinating, and that eased my overwhelmed feeling quite a lot.

I talked to Phill last night, barely keeping it together, and he encouraged me to start exercising again.

Wouldn't you know, I just haven't exercised regularly since October 3rd. And I have the padding to show for it! Not to mention the feeling of incapability that follows me everywhere when my body is not healthy. I once had a midwife tell me that minor chemical imbalances (the kind that cause mild depression and mood swings and such) can sometimes be corrected by regular exercise. I do believe I fall into that category. I am a different person when I am exercising!

Another thing, also the most important thing, I have been neglecting is my spiritual health. Isn't it amazing (annoying) how everything else falls to pieces when this one area isn't in line?

So this morning, I am starting with those two things--exercise and scripture study--in the hopes that if I do those two things, everything else will fall into place! It's amazing what some husband-pep-talk and a night's rest can do. Today I'm making efforts and I am hopeful that I'll see the dividends!


midRae said...

Good luck Rae. I am here cheering you on to a better outlook on life.

And I can say that Exercise is awesome. My mother-in-law said I traded my addiction to nicotine to an addiction to exercise. I feel so alive when I exercise.

As for the scripture study, that is something I struggle with always. Send some of that motivation my way.

Here in mind and spirit for you.


Anna said...

((((RACHEL)))) You can do it. I also need to be exercising, but I have foudn myself much happier since I start my day with a routine of scriptures, dressed, bed made. Fly Lady taught me something too. Even though I don't subscribe anymore I remember the value of workable routine.