Tuesday, April 12, 2011

{30-DC} Final Day: Day 30, Part 1: A picture of you today

I had some fun trying to get a good self-portrait for today, using my camera remote. Some of the photos were hilariously off--like focused on my shirt instead of me, or just completely off the mark altogether. Some of them were revealing in the in-between moments they caught--like my stressed out face, or my mad face (the remote was wigging out), or my pensive (and somehow sad) face. Totally appropriate, considering today I've been pretty all over the place, emotionally speaking.

Anyhow, what I'm getting to is this: I'm going to post two pictures of myself today. One that shows all the flaws that I'd rather hide--roughness of my skin, zits (my skin has been absolutely hellish for the last several months), forehead wrinkles, dryness....and then another photo where I've taken away those things that really bug me.

I know you know that I edit photos of myself and present my best-edited face to the world. I'm not opposed to putting my best face forward, not mine or anyone else's. I know I'm not hideous. And I know that many of you who read this, see me in daily life and know that I'm not near as pristine as the photos I try to produce. But I'm trying (really) hard to be more comfortable with the things I cannot change about myself. My wrinkles aren't going anywhere. My zits--well, I'd LIKE to bid them good riddance, but they seem mighty comfortable here on my face. The thing is, I don't really want to depend on my looks to help me feel emotionally sound. I'll take good care of myself however I can, but I know, too, that how I look is not the most important--OR the most interesting--thing about me.

And I forget this. All of this. Especially on days when I'm having a bad hair day and hormonal skin and ill-fitting clothes and body issues. Which is why I'm posting this. To remind myself as much as to tell anyone else.

This is actually a good day for zits....I usually have four times this amount. 

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Qait said...

You are a great example, and you are beautiful in both pictures.
And true, that's not even close to being the most interesting thing about you. :)