Thursday, April 7, 2011

{30-DC} Day 25: What would I find in your bag?

I really ought to post a fun photo of all the contents of my purse, but I'm not feeling that energetic, seeing as I'm trying to catch up late at night. Off the top of my head, here's what is usually in my purse:

My wallet

My checkbook

Two small notebooks

Two pens

A small clear plastic zip-up makeup bag that holds: a comb, hand sanitizer, hand lotion, Chap-Stick, and Tylenol (brilliant idea via Abby)

A mini first-aid kit

My keys

My phone

A few small wallet photos

A hairband or hair clip (for those staticky moments or hot days)

Alba brand lip stuff (favorite)

A bag of almonds -or- a granola bar -or- a bag of pistachios (we won't re-hash some epic blood sugar meltdowns I've had)

We can safely conclude that I am paranoid and vain....OR that I just really like to be prepared for various scenarios!


Qait said...

Oh, prepared. Who cares-- I'm sure there are lots of women who keep tons more vanity things in their purses as well as pepper spray.
In fact, I wouldn't mind having some pepper spray in my purse.
I'm jealous you always have nuts in your purse--good idea!

Guess what. I like the clear bag idea and its contents, but I would add nail clippers. I HATE having a nicked nail I can't fix! Don't you?

Rae said...

Yeah! I actually thought "I should add clippers to my bag" once I read over what I wrote!