Sunday, April 10, 2011

{30-DC} Day 28: A picture of you last year and now--how have you changed since then?

Brand-new Penny in my arms
This photo is from April 2010.

For one, we don't have sweet Penny Lane anymore. I still miss her from time to time, but I'm also still sure we made a good decision in giving her a better place to live.

Two, I look pretty pale in this photo because I was still somewhat recovering from my septum surgery and couldn't stand much time in the sun. (Felt like my nose was baking, weird.) At this time, April 2011, I can say I do have a smidgen more color to my skin than in this photo. Gladly.

I can honestly say that I'm happier than when this photo was taken. It's not so much that I was terribly unhappy, but I feel like I just had so many unresolved feelings that I was trying to sort out. I still have some, but to a large extent, I feel more peace now than I did then. I know myself a little better. I feel a little more forgiving of myself and a little more in tune with what my purpose is.

With continual heavenly help and some earthly angels, I've overcome specific heartache. I've written some posts I'm proud of, this one in July 2010 being one of them. I have watched my children grow and felt the bittersweet joy of mothering them; how fast that time has gone. I have had answers to prayers, some of which have come in the simple form of just helping me know where I want to go with my work.

Pretty good year. :)

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Qait said...

You're still pretty when you're "pale." :)

(And I'm very happy in your happiness, if that makes sense...)