Saturday, September 6, 2008

Photos galore!!

I have tons of photos that I should have posted--several times I've had tons of photos I should have posted, actually! So I'm playing catch-up. First off, I had two newborn shoots (oh, how those sweet little babies just beg to be held!!) recently.

But I haven't posted them because.....*drumroll*.....I've been working on a photography blog! So far, it's not looking the way I want it to (help, Lara!), so I'm still working on getting those posted. And my website is still under construction, through no faults except my own. I just can't make up my mind about what to post. Argh...wretched indecision!

So for now, I'll post some photos from tonight. We played in the front yard, and I decided to bring my camera out. Although it wasn't ideal light, we did take some in the garage (perfect light in there) and the photos still turned out in a way I love! They're full of authenticity and joy, and lots of times that means more to me than coordinated outfits or technical prowess or incredible clarity and color.

And Reed has been showing more and more of an interest in photography--meaning taking his own photos. (I actually have two folders on the computer of just his photos.) It started last November when my aunt, uncle and cousin gifted him with two disposable cameras, which he enthusiastically used in about 7 minutes. (That's my boy!) Well, now he asks to borrow my camera, and I usually let him, provided he wears the strap and lets me shadow him. I think it might be a bit heavy for him, though, as this following montage of photos demonstrates. But still! Still, look at his composition in the first of the four! Ah, that boy. :) I'm thinking about a good lightweight camera for him.....complete with in-depth How-to-Care-for-Your-Camera lessons from mama.

His photos (in the last one, he actually directed us to put Jaxon in the photo....):


Lara said...

Tell me what you need help with and I'll do my very best...:)

Love the photos, as usual! Reed did a very good job.

Kate said...

Great pictures. Your kids are growing like crazy.

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Your kids are way too cute! They are going to love having so many pictures of themselves when they grow up. I hope I do as well taking pictures of my kids as you have.

Andrea said...

The last one of Reed's just makes me laugh.

Marie said...

Wow, Rae! Those pictures are so real. I just love them, and can I say, I just love you! I don't really even know-know you that well, but I think you are so adorable and interesting and smart and beautiful! Oh, and I really enjoyed reading your latest post. It's inpsiring. I'm wanting to get up earlier too, and it IS so hard! But reading your post made me yet again feel motivated to set the goal of rising early. And Phill just sounds so great!

And on another note, I'm wanting to get into photography and I'm planning on buying a DSLR (tonight, in fact). So, any tips, send them my way! I can't wait to see your photo blog!

camilla said...

Such cute pics! Everyone looks so happy!