Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Note how our expressions really do tell the story of these 2 minutes in a photo booth.....

Frame 1: Savvy - Demonstrating what seems to be a newly-developing fear of enclosed spaces. Shrieked when we went into the mall bathroom, too, even though we weren't in a stall.
Me - "Ssshhhh, it's okay, sweetie! [laughing]"
Jaxon - Overjoyed to see HIS face up there

Reed - This is a time for extreme expressions.
!Frame 2: Savvy - Wondering in horror why there is another Savanna INSIDE the camera
Me - Maybe I can get a good smile in this one! Or maybe not! Maybe twenty forehead wrinkles!

Jaxon - Past joy and on to making good use of this time

Reed - The snarl

Frame 3: Savvy - MIGHT be okay if we're done.....oh but wait, we're not
Jaxon - Picking his nose?

Me - Laughing at Jax

Reed - Picking Jaxon's nose?

Frame 4: Savvy - Cannot face it anymore. Nearing full panic mode.
Me - "Just this last one, sweetie? Almost done!"
Jaxon - Done. Has spotted quarter machines outside the curtain.
Reed - One last fierce snarl for the camera!


Kate said...

How cute!!! I bet your boys thought it was great. I loved the picturese. You are brave.

Marie said...

Oh, those are awesome. Loved your little descriptions. Your kids have the coolest mom!

Adam & Heather said...

The pictures are so cute. Love the captions. Baby # 2 is a girl!!

camilla said...

ah...that is awesome.

Liz said...

This gave me a great laugh!