Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yo, baby!

Lately I've been enjoying letting Savvy try new foods, and we recently found something she loves. Yo Baby yogurt! They're these cute little yogurts with fruit and cereal in the bottom, so I just dump it into a bowl, mix it up, and serve it to her slightly warmed. She opens her mouth wide for the bites and then smacks her lips and smiles, and she's eating it a lot more enthusiastically than almost anything I've given her thus far (Gerber guava dessert was a huge hit).

On another note, a gloriously happy operatic note, the night we came back from Rexburg, Savanna slept twelve hours straight through!!! I put her down in her crib at 9:30 that night, thinking that I'd probably have to go pick her up in an hour or so, only to wake up at 9:30 the next morning, thinking, "Why do I feel so good? Why do my eyes feel like they actually want to open? What is this strange feeling?" And then it hit me--Savvy was asleep, in her crib, and had been for the night! I couldn't believe my good fortune--actually my huge blessing. And it has just continued--she now sleeps 6-12 hours straight at night, which is incredibly wonderful, considering I was having a hard time keeping her asleep for even two hours at a time. There have been a couple nights that she has woken up and cried after three hours, but since I know she can do at least six hours in a row, I simply smile in my bed and roll over, and eventually she's back asleep. :) Yay! This is what I needed to be able to let her cry it out. I knew that it wouldn't hurt her....but I just needed her to show me that she could do it, I suppose. I'm feeling like my life has changed monumentally since all three of my babies are sleeping through the night (more or less)! And *ache* we've moved past that stage....on to 1-year birthdays and toddlerhood and sleep, sleep, sleep, with dreams of my babies when they were so tiny and I was not sleeping. (I'll miss it in the most odd way.)


Lara said...

I am singing a gloriously high operatic note for you. (I love your descriptiveness, even though descriptiveness is not even a word.)

Hooray for sleeping babies!

Andrea said...

I'm soooooo jealous!