Thursday, March 20, 2008

I just wanted to add something from my latest non-portrait project. A few somethings. Happy Easter (Early)! I think that tomorrow I'll do photos of the kiddos.


camilla said...

Cool pics! We TRIED to take some easter pics of our cute girls in their cutest Easter dresses. But it totally bombed. Because our camera can't take like 1 mil. fast pics like yours can, so it takes forever,and we miss all the good shots while our camera is 'catching up' it was SUCH a waste of a morning. Not to mention everyone's patience. I am so sad too cause their dresses, and the backdrop and everything could've been soo cute. I NEED YOU!

The Graham Family said...

Did you take these? You are good, I wish I had that artistic eye.
Those are my favorite flower oh and I just love the color.

Marie said...

I would totally buy and frame these for home deco. You've got skills! And I just love the bright pink. :)