Thursday, March 13, 2008

Playing tag (again)

4 Jobs I have had:
*Kmart cashier (I was the quickest one!)

*Go-to-girl for some Army lady (Summer Hire program in Belgium, my first job ever, 15 years old, and mostly all I did was email friends and listen to U2 and read silly Mary Higgins Clark books. I loved it.)

*Vector Marketing sales rep (Heard of Cutco knives? Yeah. I sold those. The knives are amazing, but I hated the job. I hate being aggressively sales-y, so I did horribly.)

*Pilates instructor @ Gold's Gym (saved my life when Phill was deployed and I was prego with Jax)

4 Movies I watch over and over
*Pride & Prejudice
*Sense & Sensibility
*Ever After
*The Princess Bride
(What does this say about me? I'm a silly romantic?)

4 Places I have lived:
Let's pick the coolest ones!

*Erbaut, Belgium
*Heidelberg, Germany


*and.....Georgia. One of the coolest because it's where Phill and I met.

4 TV shows I watch

*The Office
*Pushing Daisies

4 Places I have been

*London, England
*The Statue of Liberty
*Cannon Beach, Oregon
*Paris, France
*Berlin, Germany
(had to add that last extra one because I am unabashedly proud of my traveling/moving history)

4 People who email me regularly

4 Favorite things to eat

*Pasta, most anything Italian or carbo-loaded (No thank you, Atkins.)

4 Places I would rather be

*Somewhere remote (yet safe) and beautiful with my family
*A house I own
*A photography studio set up exactly how I'd like it :)
*In a huge soft bed with a down comforter in a gorgeous little bungalow by the beach (with the windows open and the ocean air coming in through the window and some incredible breakfast nearby)

4 Things I look forward to this year
*The birth of Camille's baby (photo ops and more)
*The end of breastfeeding Savanna (bittersweet, that one)
*Knowing where we'll be moving--Salt Lake or St.George. Yep. I just broke big news in the most casual way on my blog. :)
*Phill getting his Associate's

4 People to tag



Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

wow you have lived a lot of fun places.... and then u end up in Southern Utah! Where would you prefer to end up St. George or SLC?

This post was fun to get to know you better!

Abby Hanson said...

Yay for tags. :) I want to be in a huge bed with nice comforter in a beach bungalow with the ocean air coming in, no kids around, and a book in my hands.

Lara said...

I was always the fastest cashier, too...only I worked at ShopKo.

And, are you calling Mary Higgins Clark silly? She's a favorite of mine. :)

Rachel said...

Lara: Hahhaha...yeah, I'm calling her silly only because I always felt silly when I was younger (like 15) and reading them, because they're always about elegant 29-year-olds drinking champagne and making gourmet Italian dishes and then curling up in their cashmere robe with a good book and a nightcap. :) And for the age I was, that's a rather sophisticated story. For the record, I'm reading her latest right now. :)

Andrea said...

Heidelberg was my favorite place in Germany. I wish I'd had more than a day there. :)

When are you moving? More details please.

Marie said...

So, are you happy about this upcoming move? St. George sounds really nice to me right now. I'm so anxious for some sun up here in gloomy WA. ;) Keep us posted!

chucknorris said...

how come you're moving?? and what's edamame? i miss you! it was so good to see you!!
by the way it was fun to read that thing. even as your sister i learned some new stuff! i wish i was a mom with a blog like you and abby. :L

licorice stick lady said...

well, well, well!
Thanks for the tag Rachel! I've done similar ones in the recent past, BUT this one has a few different questions, so it'll be fun. :) It's so cool to hear things you never knew about someone!