Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Need a good laugh?

Want to hear a funny story? This lady got in her car in her garage, tuned the radio to the station she wanted, and opened the garage door. Then she backed out, and heard an awful crunching grinding sound. So she realized she had hit something, pulled back into the garage a ways, and parked the car. Upon alighting from the car, she discovered that she had opened the garage door and backed out--as opposed to opening the garage door, giving it sufficient time to open all the way, and then backing out. Very minimal damage to the car and to the door--tiny half-inch gouge on the car and a bit of a dent in the bottom of the garage door. Everyone in the car was just fine, even the silly driver.

Yeah, that silly driver?....That was me.
Definitely feeling a little sheepish.


Abby Hanson said...

HAHHAHAHAHA! I love the picture!!

I think you told it better when you called me with the short version. You should add that one to the post too - just for fun. :) Especially because I really didn't know you were talking about you until the very end. Probably because it was less detailed.

Anna said...

You got to love moments like that. Glad to hear that there was minimal damage done. And I love the picture of that sheep, very, very funny!

chucknorris said...

hahahah! that makes me think of my FAVORITE line from Aladdin. the genie feels jipped cause Aladdin just got a wish without really asking for it, so he says "Alright. But no more freebies you baaad boy!" he says bad like a sheep. oh, and the funny thing is, for the longest time i thought freebies was some kinda sheep treat. I didn't realize that it was a freeby, i dont know why! oh by the way, your easter pictures?? dont be stressed about them. your kids are the cutest kids in the world! (since i haven't had mine yet)

Andrea said...

I almost did the same thing, but luckily my tire crossed the sensor causing the door to make a funny noise (and stop I guess) and scare me to death. I've tried to pay better attention since then.

The Graham Family said...

If it makes you feel better Cody says he see's this ALL the time (you know he is in the Garage door business). I am glad all is well, trust me, it could have been A LOT worse :).

camilla said...

I know you too well! As I was reading that, I was thinking, 'gosh, that sounds like something rae would do'. I'm not even kidding! I was like, weird that she thinks it's funny cause it's sooo a rae thing! I bet when I tell John he'll say ,'figures'! Lol. Love you!