Wednesday, March 19, 2008


While Cedar City probably has a couple more snowstorms up her sleeves, I don't care because today is the last official day of winter! I'm looking forward to not waking up in darkness, and my step will lighten with the promise of better weather ahead. Goodbye, winter! Goodbye, sweaters and heaps of blankets and insanely high heating bills and cold feet and wet pant cuffs! Hello, air conditioning, sunny mornings, late light nights, spring and summer produce, sprinklers, warm mud, sweat, shorts, and festivals in the park! (Wooo.....can't tell I'm really excited, can you?)

And a Reed Quotable from this morning, when Jax was in front of the cartoons: "Jaxon, would you please move? You're in the way. Your head is an oval."


Lara said...

No. Cedar City does NOT have a couple more snowstorms up her sleeve. She WILL begin sprint, TOMORROW, as scheduled, or I am moving to Phoenix immediately. :)

Lara said...

Spring. Not sprint. Sorry.

Cody and Suzanne said...

I know what you mean, well I use to, Every year starting in March I would get spring fever and desperetly wanted the warm weather to come, I love the sun and staying up late with the sky still lit up from the sun.
I have to say though, be careful what you wish for because you could end up in AZ where the summer is 115 and there is no relief until November :).

camilla said...

His head is an oval. That's way funny. I'm so excited for summer too! I didn't know that it was spring now. Yea! It's so cool in flag even in the summer, that most houses don't have ac or swamp coolers or anything! Just fans. So it should be a beautiful summer. Or a really hot one and we'll be pissed we don't have ac. lol.