Friday, January 29, 2010


I realized that not all of you are on Facebook, so you may not have heard--

Phill's name was on the list to deploy to Afghanistan, but the list is not yet finalized, and there is a chance--slim, but a chance--that he won't have to go. We are praying, hoping, and feeling the calming power of many others who so generously have given their prayers in our favor, too. I don't know when the list will be finalized. Soon. But what does "soon" mean?

In the meantime, tonight I meet with dear friends for a weekend filled with thrift-store-hunting, sushi-eating, unhindered baking and cooking, and undoubtedly lots of laughing, mixed with some tears for good measure.

About this possible deployment, I am alternately filled with dread and then hope. I'm trying to see the good possibilities here. I'm grateful to have so many wonderful friends and supportive family. You take the bitter out of bittersweet.


Marie Photographie said...

Oh, I'm really hoping, praying, hoping, praying he doesn't have to go! Keep us updated.

Shayanne Snodgress said...

I really wish Phil didn't have to go but with chances being slim, I just hope that whatever happens, The Lord will watch over Phil and you will be blessed with the strength you will need to love, laugh with, teach and nurture your kids. And I will always be around if you need me. Love you Rae.

Kelly said...

You know you are in my prayers. You are even in my dreams! :)
Wish I was there to give you a hug.
Let us all know asap.

sheena said...

prayers for your cute family:)

Anna said...

So hoping that he doesn't get deployed. You are in my prayers. Good luck!