Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Cara Jean Means, D.I. Denizen: The Interview

What made you create the D.I. Denizen, and what do you hope to accomplish through the D.I. Denizen?

It started because I used to send pictures of funny things I found at DI, or call and tell a friend about what happened or what I bought at DI, on a weekly basis. And then I know, I have enough material that I could blog about this! Also, people often ask me..."how do you know how to do all this stuff?" So I figure, why not educate and entertain at the same time?

My two goals with the site are to inspire others to find and confidently use their creativity and to walk away having learned something new, feeling encouraged, and hopefully laughing.

What is your response to those who insist that nothing worthy can be found in thrift stores?

That's fine, leaves more for me! Also, you just don't have the magical powers that I do. Maybe you should read my blog.

How would you describe your style?

Colorful, organized and a little unexpected.

Is there anything you don't like about thrift stores, Deseret Industries in particular?

I really hate it when an item is priced higher than other items strictly because of the brand name. DI is just as guilty as the rest of them!

What is the most exciting item you have found at a thrift store? (I once found a lingerie onesie--circa 1980--at a thrift wasn't exciting, but I did laugh loud enough to make a few people look at me with annoyance.)

I wanted an easel badly so I would quit breaking my back from painting flat on a table, but they are fairly expensive and we were strapped for money at the time. I walked into the "yard" at DI, which is where they keep mattresses, golf clubs, etc. and there, with beams of light from heaven shining down from it, was an easel! I clutched it with a look on my face like, "It's MINE! Don't anyone come near me or I'll spear you! Oh and it was 5 dollars.

What is the worst item you have found at a thrift store?

I once almost tried on a pair of white pants that weren't so white in the crotch anymore, if you know what I mean. I practically threw them out of the dressing room.

What do you dream of becoming, in your wildest of dreams? (Or in other words: What do you want to be when you grow up?)

I want to be in movies but I don't want to be an underfed starlet with addictions and metal problems. I just want to be like one of the untouchable movie stars that likes to act but goes on to have a normal life that no one really hears about, because it is mostly, well, normal and uninteresting. Like Emma Thompson, or Cate Blanchett or Helena Bonham Carter.

Do you think that being creative in how you view underestimated items at thrift stores helps you be creative in other areas?

That's a really deep question. That's a really deep question. That's all I got.

What inspires and drives you to create?

I am a very aesthetically oriented person. I like things to be pleasant to look at, and I like to look at and try to repeat pleasant things. So sometimes the amazing colors in a rooster's feathers will cause me to want to see if I can repeat that with paint. Or I will see a color combination in bricks on a house and the bushes in front and want to try to wear it, or use it in my house.

What are enemies to your creativity, and what do you believe are, in general, enemies of creativity?

Doubting uncreatives. Or rather, people who don't consider themselves creative and have decided to turn their nose up at others who are creative and offer a snide, teasing opinion of what you are doing. We are all creative; but fear, complacency, mediocrity, and doubt often stop us from realizing it.

Is there an art piece, re-fashioned piece of clothing, or rehabilitated piece of furniture that you are most proud of?

I am really proud of my entire kitchen make-over. I made a mistake with the first design plan and was able to realize it, and make it right. You will have to stay tuned to the site to see it!

What would you say to those who believe they are not creative, but want to be so?

Stop being fearful, lazy, a pawn to mediocrity, and stop doubting. Throw caution to the wind and try something! Ignore the critics! Don't be afraid to fail! And do it because you want to, not for money or fame or acceptance.

What renews you?

Time to myself. I LOVE the times when I get to go to DI by myself and look with no one distracting or rushing me. You know your obsession goes deep when your husband says, why don't you go out tonight and relax, and all you want to do is go to DI.

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