Thursday, January 14, 2010


I was having a little wall-to-wall conversation on Facebook with a family friend--one who was my older sister's best friend when they were 12 and I was 9. I was thinking how wonderful it is that as we grow up and become moms or do the things that many other people do, too, the age number just melts away. I was trying to organize those thoughts and this is what I came up with--

Motherhood is the great equalizer.

Suddenly those who are five, ten, or several years older are made ageless with the things we have in common--pregnancy, birthing, nursing, nourishing; teaching, protecting, guiding; service, anguish, exhaustion, joy; uncertainty, frustration, hope and faith.

In these ongoing and fatiguing endeavors, we are without the emotional tethers of the year in which we were born. Our maternal experience is unique, but we are all in this together.


Lara said...

I agree. And I think that age becomes more and more irrelevant the older we become. And I love that.

I also think that we get stuck in that age rut because of school/college. Everyone around us is our own age and so that's who we relate to. Once we're out in the real world, it's much easier to relate to lots of people of many ages.

(Besides, if it weren't so, you wouldn't be my friend.)

Qait said...

Yep. A couple of my newest best friends are Grandma's age. And I LOVE them!!! They're so much fun!
I think I saw a hint of what you're talking about when all you three older sisters got married and seemed closer than ever before. To mom, too. I wanted that. :) Yay!
Once in a while I meet a woman who thinks I know nothing because I have ONLY ONE baby. Psh. Those poor ladies. Maybe they just need more praise for all they do with their MORE THAN ONE babies. :)