Monday, April 27, 2009

sweet tooth

When the house is clean, and Reed is at school, and Savanna is napping, and I have had sufficient time to lay down for a minute, I like to bake. (This is not the only time I like to bake. If it was, I would bake once every two weeks.) Jaxon likes to pull up a chair to the counter and help out, and sometimes it becomes sweet one-on-one time between us. I love to see his big dark chocolate eyes light up when I offer him cookie dough or ask him to pour in the entire bag of chocolate chips. I like the conversations we have.

"Mom, that's flour and sugar in those white things."
"Yep. Flour and sugar."
"Why do we need eggs in cookies?"
"Because when we bake them, the eggs hold the cookie together."

When I dropped a cookie sheet on the floor-
"Mom, that sound was so loud it almost maked my ears bleed!"

"I maked chicken with dad last night. And then we put it in buh-reedo's." (Chicken enchiladas...he helped Phill shred the chicken.)

"Mom? Why do we pick up the chair instead of scrape it across the floor?"
"Because if you scrape it across the floor, it's loud."
"Yeah. That would make my ears bleed." [At this point I wonder what Reed has been telling him...or if it is just his own conclusion he's reached.]

Lastly, as he was licking cookie dough off his hand,
"Mmmm.....yummy, yummy, yummy."

Recipe to what we made today: My Kitchen Cafe's Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies. The dough is divine....I have yet to actually try the cookies, though I did save some dough to make some. The dough, I can promise, is yummy-yummy-yummy.

POST-EDIT: These cookies are SOOOOOOOO good!!!!


Crystal said...

aaaahhhh! I saw that looks sooooo good

Abby Hanson said...

I saw that recipe too and it made my mouth water! I'm glad you enjoyed them! Were they "5 girls" good? Or just a good substitute? I'm hopeful!

Lara said...

What a cutie Jackson is. Perhaps I need to bake more during the day. :)

Cyndie said...

Love Jax! So, can I come make cookies with you sometime. Now that I am practically made out of free time??

Kelly said...

One-on-one time is so sweet-- and the middle child probably needs it the most, right?

Love your ducky date too. :)

The Leishman's said...

MMMMMMM cookies! I can't wait for my diet to be over.. Then I can bake away!

Kate said...

They sound so yummy to me, can't wait until I can bake again. Maybe this summer.