Tuesday, April 21, 2009

evening peace

Tonight we had an unusually quiet dinner; one that wasn't punctuated by Jaxon's furious outcries over spilled milk (literally), and one where quiet conversation prevailed. The food was good, too. Phill made some chicken that was really flavorful and tender, and I made a salad.

Everything just smelled good, tasted good, sounded good....and outside it was 90 degrees with a slight breeze.

Our backyard, now a happy place with its carpet of green, is in shade from about 2:00p.m. on. The grass makes it cooler (temperature-wise), and with the hint of a breeze today, it was invitingly pleasant out there.

After dinner, the kids were milling around the backyard in plain sight while I did dishes and Phill swept the dinner remnants from the floor. The soft clink of dish-on-sink, the lull of the air conditioner, and the delicious scent of our dinner still in the air; the children on the grass outside, happy and safe; the kitchen slowly becoming cleaner and cleaner after we had filled our bellies.

"This is nice."
Says Phill.

I ask, gesturing to the kids outside, singing and making sound effects while they play.

"Yeah. This."
And he moves his hand in the direction of the yard, then over our kitchen, then over the dishes and the air around us.

This: Our children, playing without concern or care while we look on. Our dishes, full of food we are grateful to have, now clean after our thankful hands' work. Our marriage, ripe with laughter and friendship and that particular romance that comes from supporting each other through monotonous day after day; until you reach a moment where it is all glaringly beautiful and the gratitude could ooze out of your ears it's so much. When you are reminded that out of all the less-spectacular moments and more-gritty times, there is beauty in shared happiness. Beauty in home.

Yes. Tonight, this is nice.


Lara said...

It is, isn't it?

Lovely post. Sometimes those fleeting moments just make up for all the ones that aren't quite as nice.

Heidi said...


And thank you for the taking the time to share these thoughts... I'm finding that the more wonderful people I meet (that would be you), the more peaceful and assured I feel about this world I'm raising my children in. Because there are families like yours out there, after all, and therefore the world is a beautiful place.

Christy said...

I always love reading your words...they calm me. I can hear them, see them, smell them, they float in the air all around me, swirling in my mind with vivid pictures that not even your camera could take. I was headed to bed, a tired mess, and thought to check my blog before I crashed. I excitedly clicked on your link and now I get to go to bed smiling...at least inside...my face is too tired.

MAG said...

You so eloquently write about things so many of us can relate to. I've been thinking (in much less eloquent words) all day that I love my life, not because it's perfect or easy, but because it's full of moments like the ones you mentioned.

And Christy, I don't know you, but loved your comment!

Kristy said...

Love the picture you painted. Those moments need to be savored so the ones that aren't so picturesque can be appreciated too ;)

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Thanks for the beautiful picture. You will always remember the simple times, the happy times, you shared as a family when they all move away someday and begin their own chapters of life. They will try to recreate moments like this, just like mom and dad.

Suzanne said...

You have a way of making me feel like I am there in your house, witnessing all of this first hand, I love it.
I love those moments, they make up for the craziness we call life.

Cyndie said...

YOu are such an awesome person. I enjoy so much all of the moments that you share on your blog. Love this post. Love you. (Did I mention that I also really love 90 degree weather?)

kate said...

Great. I too love those moments. Sometimes we need to cherish everyone of those. Have a great week.

Nicki said...

beautiful. thanks for sharing your talent!

Bridget said...

Oh what a wonderful post! I have goosebumps after reading it as I can picture myself in your happy home and I can't wait to experience that myself! Mike left for Japan yesterday and I miss him a lot. He's picking out the home and getting our furniture before I get there so that will make my life a lot easier.

carajean said...

This is what makes us successful mothers/women...that we CAN notice these moments. It's when you stop feeling like you have them that you have to worry about your mental health. Thanks for writing about this. I felt it like it was my own!

chucknorris said...

wow rae... amen!