Thursday, April 2, 2009

my menu (didn't you want to know?)

My lung-crud is clearing out and codeine cough syrup is a revelation; times are good.

I'm feeling all up and at 'em, ambitious and on the mend. So today I set out to make my two-week menu as I do when I'm on my very best behavior.

It starts out with all kinds of glorious ideas:

Chicken with Tomatillo Salsa and Cheddar Bread
Lemon-Garlic Chicken and Alfredo Pasta
Chopped Ham & Bowtie Pasta Salad
Homemade Pizza
Shredded Beef Sandwiches

and then I get a little tired and it looks like this:

French-Bread Sandwiches

and then you can see when I give up, because it looks like this:

Hot Dogs
fast food

I just make sure when friends call that I only talk about the almond-crusted tilapia with cranberry walnut salad smothered in mango reduction something or other.....I magically forget that we had cereal the other night for dinner. Or butter and bread and crackers and canned peaches. (That's the "something" on my list. "Something" means scrounge....)

I really don't like meal planning. I just want it right there in my lap with a pre-made list. Is that too much to ask?



Lara said...

I think my kids dread when Joel's gone because we have "something" every night when I'm in charge. Bad me.

It isn't too much to ask. Is it to much to ask to have a live in cook? I say no.

Kelly said...

That's awesome. I take comfort in knowing that a great cook like you has those "something" days. Well, I think it makes the special dinners even more special-- don't you?
At our house, we have Scrambled Egg Night. It's the kids' favorite dinner, so I plan it every week!

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

Sounds...hmmm...a tiny bit...okay, tremendously FAMILIAR! Especially in the money-tight days of a recession, it seems like I've been forced to cook more these days than I've wanted too. Miraculously though, I've still managed to please the little family! I'm just grateful we've managed to get by and not starve. We are blessed in that way. I just wish I was blessed with more motivation. :)

Christine & Brian said...

This made me laugh so hard because it mirrors exactly how my menus work. I feel bad for Max when his meal consists of 6 slices of cheese and grapes, but so goes life. :)

Qait said...

Yep, exactly how my menus go.
And I do it, too, when people call me I mention "off-hand" how I made "la fancyschmancydoo pastalafle blabla" and glow inside imagining I make something like that every night. Every MEAL.
HAH! In my dreams.

MAG said...

Yet another reason we should've been better friends in high school! I hate meal planning as well, and we have cereal for dinner all too often. I'm glad I'm not the only one. :)

chucknorris said...

hahaha! :D you're funny.