Friday, April 24, 2009

Ducky Date

Of all the many talents Phill has, have I ever told you that he has a talent for photography?

Yeah. He's good.

Really good.

Good enough that I'm often jealous, in a fiery happy sort of way. And tonight, he really pulled out all the stops.

Tonight we went on a date and found this secret spot in St.George, a very un-St.George-like spot. A body of water and ducks. And ducklings. They made me squeal and say things in a strangely high-pitched voice.

Oh, heaven help me, those fuzzy little ducklings....

We followed them around, trying with the zoom lens to get close-up pictures--without getting close-up. We must have seemed like paparazzo, because we quite literally ruffled some feathers.

Their parents were very clear in letting us know how displeased they were by our proximity.

They gave us the evil eye.

It's pretty unnerving to get the evil eye from a duck. Especially when they give you the evil eye and come towards you at the same time, making scary duck sounds. Phill was brave. After the ducks came very quickly towards us, spreading their wings and hoarsely quacking and looking at us sideways, I very quickly walked further away saying something like "oh-man-oh-man-oh-man-oh-NO-oh-PHILL-oh-man-oh-man....." Needless to say, I was put in my place. But Phill got closer and took the wind right out of this duck's feathers. We'll call him Merv. I just think he has a Merv face. Look at his mean Merv-y face....

The mother was such a good mama duck. Look at her protective stance. She looks so intensely uncomfortable, I felt a little bad, actually. How dare I invade her personal space? "How dare you invade our personal space?"
They needed to confer about what to do. "Merv, I just can't do this anymore."

"You do something about this, or I am moving across the pond without a backward glance. I'm serious, Merv."She meant business.

So they moved the ducklings. First the ducklings went away from us, followed by the mama, followed by Merv and....who's the other guy? The brother-in-law? It was a strategized move.
Meanwhile, I'm a chicken. While Phill captured awesome humdingers like the ones above, I took placid photos like these.

Look at them! Three little ducklings.
They craned their necks to watch their mama swim.

And she was sure to stand between them and any danger....i.e., we human paparazzi. I just couldn't come between her and her babies.

Then we drove around and found high points from which to take photos.

And rode off into the sunset.

Best date ever.


Lara said...

Fun! I want to go on a ducky date!

Love Merv. :)

And Gorgeous pictures from both of you.

MAG said...

FUN date! You guys are too adorable, and I love all the ducky pictures.

Has anyone ever told you you like the girl off Alias?? I'm drawing a blank on her name.

leslie the licorice stick lady said...

I like your little dialogue for the ducks! You crack me up! What a fun evening for you, and I love the photo of you in the car, you're very beautiful, especially with the sunset lighting. :) Glad you guys had fun!

Kate said...

I love the pictures. I love ducks too. We have baby lambs out here in Cedar. I know you love driving by them. I guess you will have to come visit.

chucknorris said...

what a lovely entry! haha
that's funny i can see you being proud of phill's skills and kinda of jealous too. but your photos weren't PLACID at all. the ducks are soooo cute! i would have squealed too, it's ok. acutally i kinda did and i'm at the computer! anyways, yay, i'm happy for you guys. such a cute, awesome-personalitied couple.

The Dish on Trish said...

Phill's photos are great. That one duck does look like a Merv. I like your pics too though. Like the ones of the three white ducks. To me in the first one it looks like they're saying...Did you hear about Merv's brother-in-law?....he's trying to move in on Mervs wife. And the other two are like...what? Girl, no! and Uh-uh! And in the next pic the lead one is like...come on ladies, let's go give Merv's brother-in-law a piece of our mind! And the other two are like...right behind you sista! and the last one's saying "You know, Mervs brother-in-law ain't even all that! The nerve!" OK, so I just confirmed I'm not the only one that deduces animal thoughts, thanks to you Rachel and your beautiful dialogue these ducks have really come to life for me. LOL...cute pics!

Crystal said...

Oh St. George. I miss it. Where is this little ducky retreat?? it looks lovely.

You're so photogenic!!!

Cyndie said...

Love the Ducktales. Haa ha! Remember that cartoon .. wait I think I have the theme song stuck in my head now. Duck Tales .. ooh ooh. Beautiful, beautiful pics. Is one family even allowed to have so many talents? I think it might be against celetial law or something. :)

Jenn said...

I don't have words for how much I love this.

The Taylors said...

Lulu I freaken love you, and I seriously laughed out loud over Merv!! I MISS YOU!!!!!!! And Phil is so handsom!! I love his frekles!