Sunday, May 18, 2008

Things you find while packing.....

Nestled neatly between the pages of a gigantic book called Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation, this perfectly pressed bloom was put there six years ago (to the month, in fact) by Phill's sister, Melissa, who was staying with me while Phill was deployed (the first time). She put it in there, I found it a few days after she left, and so I just cried and smiled and left it there.

Why do I have a book called Fundamentals of Criminal Investigation? Because I saw it in a dumpster in Belgium--I was 15 or 16--and it was huge and heavy and olive green and too important-looking to be left in that dumpster, lifted mechanically into a big metal rectangle, and dumped somewhere into a heap of soiled diapers, rotting food, perfectly good microwaves and happy rats. It's the kind of book that would hide a lot of money if you were to cut out a section of the middle.

Though for the record, no money--just this perfect little evidence of the kind of person Melissa is. (*Love you.)

P.S.-This is a scan of the flower. Not a photo. And to be perfectly honest, I upped the saturation a little bit in Photoshop.

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Lara said...

Okay, I am just thinking it's hilarious that you saved that book out of a dumpster thousands of miles away.

Have you ever read it? :)