Sunday, May 4, 2008

Phill is 30: Let us eat cake!

Thank you to all of you who left comments in the hopes of helping me with a Black Forest cake recipe for Phill's birthday!! One of my Cedar friends called, and she happens to be an incredible baker--really incredible. So she helped me make his cake and some cupcakes for the kids. Now, when I say helped, what it really means is that I did maybe 2% of the work, while she did 98% of the work (without breaking a sweat), and then I feverishly took photos! And her husband happens to also be a photographer, and he had a lightbox, which we used to make our delectable treats look even better!! So thank you Mandy for an amazing cake that Phill (and everyone else) loved, and thank you Sam, for the use of your very effective lightbox and large kitchen window. (And lamp.)The barbecue was so much fun! We had lots of friends over and had hot dogs, hamburgers, empinadas (but not anything near as good as Abby and Eric's!), chicken, and of course, the incredible cake and cupcakes. (If anyone wants to know how to make the cake, email me or Mandy! You'll be surprised by the amount of effort that went into it.) We talked and played Rock Band and just enjoyed each other's company. I would have posted on this Saturday night, but we played Trivial Pursuit with two of our friends well into the night, so we weren't too keen on staying up any later after they left. :) Such a fun day! Thank you to everyone who came and made Phill's birthday the best. He hasn't even been home for the last three, so this was as much fun for me as it was for him, I think, to finally get to celebrate the way we'd like to.
This photo is deceiving. There was MUCH less than this left over by the end of the night. Zero pieces left. We inhaled that thing.

Smiling about (and wearing) his gift from his friend Austin, one of the basketball coaches at SUU.
I know this photo is out of focus, as are a couple of the ones in the bunch. Who cares. I had to show it--Reed is using our very patient friend, John, as his puppet--acting out Ratatouille. We have some very patient friends. :)
Mandy serving the cake. (Or at least Mandy's hand serving the cake.)
Blowing out the candles. (Which we stuck in the cupcakes, so as not to ruin the landscape of the beautiful cake.)
He's saying: "SOOOO GOOOOOD" with a mouth full of cake.
On May 2nd of 2001, Phill walked into the gym of our church in Hinesville, Georgia, and the minute I saw him, I had to know him. And although I was wearing what I thought was a very ugly princess dress--because we were practicing for the church roadshow--apparently it was in keeping with his tastes enough that he "had to know me" too! So, after inquiring of everyone around me as to who this guy was, and getting no better answer than "Phill. That's Phill.", I walked up to him when our activity was over and said, rather frustrated, "Who are you?!" He replied with his signature grin and good humor, "I'm Phill! Nice to meet you too!" And, a little sheepish, I said, "Sorry. I meant--I know you're Phill. That's all anyone will tell me. I meant, what are you doing here? Why haven't I seen you before? What do you do?" And thus the little seeds of our family were sewn. By (first) fascination and curiosity, (then) frustration and rudeness, (then) humor and interest, and (finally) love.

Happy Birthday, Phill! I'm happy you were born. :)


Lara said...

The photos are gorgeous! (I will have to remember that Sam has a light box...what an amazing difference that made!)

Happy Birthday to Phill! So sorry we couldn't make it. Looking at that cake I am really regretting that. We should've ditched Joel's parents. :)

Abby Hanson said...

I'm happy he was born too! :) I wish we could've been there to enjoy that scrumptious looking cake with you and all the games and company!! Another year perhaps...

Email me the recipe! I want to compare it to ours. :)

chucknorris said...

rae, i can't believe you left out the best part of the story of how you and phill met. I remember that day!!! You were in the dress which wasn't cute but not hideous exactly, and besides, when Phill saw you, he was like, 'She's hot." I remember that! But I didn't know him either so I didn't say anything (like, "That's my sister!") And by the way, that's really not fair that I didn't get any of that cake! :D I gotta learn how to COOK!

Michael and AmyLyn said...

I found you! I had your website but not your blog--I loved getting all caught up! Every picture you take is eye-candy. Incredible. I want that recipe! Happy Birthday to Phil. Reed and Savanna are Phil's and Jaxon is all you---it is so beautiful to see updated pics. I sent you some pictures to "fix" as you offered. Thank you, and I'm excited to keep in touch! Love you!

Andrea said...

How's he doing with being 30? Matt has been quite unhappy about the idea (his 30th is later this month).

licorice stick lady said...

Okay Rachel! I want the recipe! I love baking when I get to!
Happy Birthday Phil!