Thursday, May 22, 2008

Kitty Carlisle

We will be disconnected from the net (and also our phone) tomorrow. I think we will be back online some time between Monday the 25th and Monday the 1st. If you want to get a hold of us for any reason, my cell phone number sounds like: goo-free-gate -- hero-free-hero-poor. You can look up our area code online. Do you think that's cryptic enough for strange callers who surf blogs looking for random numbers to call anonymously? :)

On Sunday, we left two doors and the garage door open while we packed and organized and sorted trash from treasure. For seven hours, Carlisle wandered in and out, though never straying more than three feet from the house. He seemed soooo happy.

Unfortunately, when we finally closed the doors for the day, we didn't see Carlisle anywhere. And we haven't seen Carlisle anywhere since Sunday night. I wanted to find a new home for him, but certainly not like this! I'm feeling too guilty to be relieved, and too worried about his welfare. It doesn't help that it rained heavily on and off yesterday and some today, and that when I put a little cat food on our back patio, none of it was touched over a 24-hour period. I haven't cried over it--yet. I suspect that if I do, I just won't stop. I already cried while packing the dishes, semi-laughing at my emotional state and nearly soaking the newspaper-wrapped plates with my quite dramatic tears. It was good for me, but I don't think I'm done yet!


Abby Hanson said...

I love the cryptic phone number.

Don't worry about Carlisle. I think he knew what was coming and decided to leave on his own terms. :)

Andrea said...

Thank you so much for brining Zoie's jacket over. I was seriously stumped about where it was.

And, so sorry I didn't watch the kiddos. Thank you for being ok with it. I was so exhausted, and overwhelmed with packing and getting ready to leave town. I hope everything went well.

Marie and Will said...

Oh, I hope Carlisle shows up so you can say your goodbyes. Good luck with all that packing up and moving!!

kathy said...

We will miss you but it is nice to know that you are so close. I hope all is going good. I guess in a way it is nice to not to have to worry about finding somewhere for Carlisle to live, but I know how you feel.