Saturday, May 17, 2008

Lost & Found

Lost: Quick access to the Pastry Pub, Breakin Wind, and established photography clients, not to mention quick traveling time to several wonderful friends I've made here in Cedar City.

One gorgeous rental home in Saint George for a K
ILLER price, a nervous stomach indicative of my myriad of worries over moving and starting anew, and heartache coupled with the knowledge that this really is the best choice.

I'm trying to buck up and be brave, but at the moment, I'm not feeling brave. Mostly worried and apprehensive and sad and stressed. I will be attending girls' camp with my young women, but this Sunday will be my last here in Cedar Meadows ward. And although I love the house we found, I'm pre-whelmed with all the stuff we need to get done to make this move happen. At times I'm so nervous I think I might throw up, and then I calm myself down and remind myself that this is, after all, a move to somewhere only 45 minutes away!

Along with all this hubbub is one very unhappy 11.5-month-old. Savanna is suffering the effects of teething worse than my boys ever did. She chews her fingers, sobs, and uses her newest (and saddest) word: "Owweeeee....." and then laments, "Mamaaaaa!!!!" with her arms outstretched. Last night she threw up at 7:30, and then again this morning at 5:00a.m. I'm inclined to think it's the teething and possibly the Infants' Motrin I gave her yesterday at 3:00p.m., because her incidents were so spaced out. She fell asleep only an hour and a half after waking up this morning, and slept for a little over an hour.

Gross and sad. I went to get her from her nap, and she had vomited again. Not so encouraging. Perhaps I'll be missing my last Sunday at church tomorrow. Eugh. Tempted to wallow in self-pity, but there are things to be done. Besides crying.

Here's a photo of our new rental, 4 bedrooms 2 baths, plenty of square feet with one massive pantry, for $150.00 more than we're paying here. (For our 3-bed 2-bath open floor plan, combined with our $400.00+ a month in gas.) For now, we'll be about even with how we're doing (financially) here. Then in June Phill has his ten-year raise, and in August we're done paying off an advance, so then I think we'll begin to see the financial benefit of moving to Saint George.
Update: Feeling a little nauseated myself, though I'm not sure if it's the condition of things right now (moving and needing to pack and make phone calls and plan) or the smell of things (ew) or the possible contagious nature of things (a stomach bug, perhaps?).

2nd Update: I don't want to sound ungrateful, because I'm not: We really have been blessed through this process. We were able to find such an awesome place only 8 miles from Phill's work, and we are blessed to be able to move now when it really is the most appropriate time. Phill's mom just visited for ten days (from England, no less), and due to her cooking every night, we have about 8 frozen meals for our next few days. The boys are healthy right now, which is a blessing, because to have all three of them sick would be much harder, and we don't have that much to pack because of my wonderfully useful de-cluttering frenzy during my pregnancy with Savvy. Aside from all my nervousness and my sadness and my stressing, we have been blessed.


The Graham Family said...

Your new house is so nice, very nice!! I totally know how you feel, it's kind of a bitter-sweet thing.
My children have been throwing up, it has only lasted about 24 hrs but it has been going around and seems to be highly contagious (not trying to add more stress by saying that). Maybe Savanna caught that and gave it to you. You also might want to try highlands teething tablets (I am not 100% sure if that's what they are called) but everyone I know swears by them and they did work pretty well with Katherine. They help them sleep and they don't taste like anything so the babies like them. I hope you all start feeling better.

Andrea said...

What a great looking place. I'm very happy for you guys, and hope that you and Savannah get feeling better very soon!

Pam (Haslem) Dana said...

Score on the new house! It looks great! Good luck getting settled and I hope you and Savy starts feeling better!

kathy said...

It looks like such a nice house. I bet that is exciting. I hope you can make it to church this week so Angela can see you. I am glad you are going to girl's camp. We will miss you.

Marie and Will said...

Your house looks awesome! I'm excited for you and your new adventure. Moving to St. George sounds kind of fun to me.

The White Fam said...

Good Luck with your move. I so feel your pain. (We just did Miami to Denver last month....) It is always hard to adjust and make friends, etc, but every change makes us stronger, right?