Sunday, February 13, 2011

Sunday stream-of-consciousness

Phill had drill today. I didn't want to go to church. But the messages in class today were ones I needed, the kinds of lessons that prompt me to thank the Lord that I made that oft-repeated and often-difficult decision to wake up, get my children and myself cleaned, dressed, fed, and go to church. It was three hours rife with answers I had prayed for.

After church was over, we walked fast in the mild cold to our van, the children behind me like my little ducklings in a line. All of us sleepy and hungry, we got home and sort of came apart at the seams, strewing belongings and requests left and right. Jaxon: "Mom, will you plant my zucchini seeds?" and in the same breath, "Mom, can you unbutton my shirt?" Savvy chimed in, "Pea-butter-jelly. No, turkey. No, pea-butter-jelly-turkey. No, hearts. Mama, I want hearts." While telling Savvy that candy hearts would be part of her lunch, I changed into more comfortable clothes and hid in the bathroom for a second, composing my mind and still thinking of the lessons from church.

Lunch made and eaten, we settled into the couches to watch Swiss Family Robinson. While the kids watched with stars in their eyes, I remembered my younger reaction to it (starry-eyed, too), and then got very, very sleepy. I kept myself awake by wondering what, if any, part of this movie was true. (Hardly any of it, turns out)

From my blanketed warmth on the couch, looked at the messy living room, the lunch food on the table, the dirty tiles of the floor, and the hopeless paper explosion that is the desk, and remembered one of the lessons from today--a lesson on work. The value, necessity, and joy of hard work. Ironic and necessary, given my current state!

I have grand plans for tonight and this week, plans involving organizing and preparing and pulling myself out of this slump. Should I take Before & After pictures to chart my progress and add a little steam to my motivation? :)


Qait said...

Yeah, of course! You know those pics are fun!

Qait said...

,Oh and I'm glad that you had such a great sunday! :)

Lara said...

Yes, Please. Before and afters. If only to inspire me and the house that has thrown up on itself.

To give you an idea, I was highly motivated to clean it today, and I actually had a large block of time. I started in the messiest part of the house (Bria and Chloe's room), and well, after four hours it still looks pretty bad. What on earth has happened in there I cannot say. But I will work work work until it's better!

Sadly, I didn't think to take a before picture!