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My Family: Isaac

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One of my favorite memories with Isaac is when I was probably about 7, and we lived in North Carolina. We were in the living  room, and I had a corner of a blanket held in each hand, flowing out behind me, while Isaac was teaching me how to "fly". He would draw a squirrel flying off the couch in various attitudes, and I would try to replicate what he drew. He and Reed used to call me and Abby "Algae Biscuit" or "Lard Token"....names so obscure and only vaguely insulting, but Abby and I--believe it or not--would fight over who was which one! So Isaac and Reed would laugh to the sounds of, "No, I'M Algae Biscuit!" and "But Isaac said YOU were Lard Token!" One of my favorite things about Isaac is his happiness. In fact, his name means "laughter", and it's completely appropriate! He used to create entire dialogues with a sock monkey I have (once she was Cyndi Lauper and went on Oprah; another time she was a beauty consultant; another time she was wearing a diaper....) He makes beautiful art, beautiful food, and beautiful conversation. He makes my life sweet with his open heart and generous spirit. Isaac:

What brings you most happiness?

Happiness comes to me in its true and pure form from within through my connexion to what I call Holy Spirit, Divinity, and Source, among other names.  I experience happiness as being my own essential nature and the nature of life. Therefore I do not look for or truly find happiness in the outer world of ephemeral manifestation, but rather in the inner world of Being.What would you say is your occupation currently, and/or what would you prefer it to be in the future?

I’m currently working at couple of jobs, including a part time position in the supplement department at a natural foods store and a part time position as a sort of machinist and research consultant with a company that makes water structuring tools.

I also offer nutritional consulting and remote energy healing to preapproved clients.  In the future I will be working to provide exotic alchemical, energetic and/or spiritual supplements. I also anticipate being quite active as a music producer in the coming years, with my own record label called Magnetic Flame.What is your favorite memory with Rae?
Favourite… that’s hard to pin down. She and I have a unique connexion that involves a deep acceptance and appreciation of each other that transcends any particular experience. I remember when she and I used to run together in Hinesville, Georgia; I enjoyed that, and the conversations we had! I remember how intense Rachel has always been, and I love that about her. She has always been kind to me and respectful.

What makes you laugh really hard?

Oh, I laugh a lot. The last time I remember laughing uncontrollably, actually rolling on the floor and squealing and such, was when I was hanging out with my friends Erika and Kae, and we found a video online where two men were studying a rare sort of parrot in the jungle somewhere, and the parrot mounted one of the men and tried to mate with his head. The parrot was up on the back of his neck and was going at him, and its wings were beating his head like crazy, and the man was just tolerating it. The man was british, and instead of listening to the audio of the video, we were listening to – oh, what was it? – it might have been Madonna’s “Like a Prayer,” but I don’t quite remember.

You know, it’s not something that’s easy to predict, what would make me laugh really hard. So often it’s about something being a surprise.
What are three of your favorite family memories?

Spending time together at the fabulous, magical rope swing at Lake Gatun in Fort Espinar, Panama.

Playing “mole” when we were little: making a huge pile of blankets and pillows and crawling around in it.

Visiting places of amazing natural beauty while on road trips.

Our brief stay at Noriega’s guest house in Panama. The house was a bit creepy to me, but the time together as a family was great (not unusual!) and the cliff where the house was situated was an exciting place to be. I enjoyed the drive there.
Come to think of it, I used to really enjoy going on drives and road trips with Mom, Dad, and my siblings. When I was really young I was usually very much in my own imaginary world, which involved imaginary creatures and superhero types.

What do you do to relax?
I like to sit or lie down in a dark quite place and focus on my breathing, then I focus on my heart, and I just let go of all concerns, surrendering all of my cares and needs to Goddess/God.

Three books you love?
Frek and the Elixir, by Rudy Rucker. A really fun science fiction novel.
No Attachments, No Aversions, by Lester Levenson. A book with a spiritual message that resonates with me.
Science and Human Transformation: Subtle Energies, Intentionality and Consciousness by William A. Tiller. A book of brilliant science.

What are two favorites of all the places we've lived as a family?
Panama and Colorado. Both are beautiful, magical, and beloved to me.

What do you love about where you live now?
Many things! I love how green it is, and how many trees there are, and how sweet the spring and summer are, and how the winters are mild but not too mild, and how the sunsets are long in the fall, and the sunrises are long in the spring, and how the days are long in the summer, and the nights are long in the winter. I love the little birds that hang out in the trees in our yard, and the raccoons that live in the backyard, the cats that hang out in the alley, the squirrels that chase each other through the trees, the bumblebees that fly around the flowering mint, the white and pink roses that grow so vigorously every year, the tough blackberry vines and their generosity with their fruit… There are a lot of nice people here too! I could go on and on, but let’s leave it at this.

Tell us about your family (your kids, spouses, people who make your life joyous and full, people you are happy to be surrounded by....)
I have no kids and no spouse. I live with several dear friends and I have a beloved girlfriend. They are all creative people who love music and art.

I have two dear friends, Glee and Reese, who are 7 and 9 years old, and we often play make-believe games on the trampoline. I love these times when we use our imaginations to create characters and stories and entire worlds together.

I have about a dozen core friends who I love dearly.

What does your dream home look like?
My dream home is alive… there are plants all around and within it, and the walls and floor and ceiling are cultured with beneficial microbes. There are lots of soft and inviting surfaces to rest and play on. There are at least two large trampolines built into the house. There is lots of light (mostly natural) and good ventilation. Cats and other animals live there too. There are pianos and other musical instruments available for anyone to play. There is a very well stocked kitchen with excellent appliances such as a Vitamix.

Do you have pets? Tell us about them, and maybe briefly share a memory of one of the pets we had as a family.
I have no pets. Someday I will probably adopt a kitten.

Years ago our family had a turtle for while. I loved that turtle but it didn’t seem right to keep him. We also had some horny toads (actually lizards whose state of sexual arousal was totally ambiguous to me) and I felt like they were unwilling captives as well.

Reed had some mice for a while that kept on having babies. The father kept eating the babies, and Reed eventually fed him to a snake that a neighbour kept.

Of all the pets we ever had, Elroy the Rocket is the most beloved to me. I will always love him! I bonded with him when he was a kitten. When he was little we used to chase each other around the house at night, hiding from each other, and surprising each other with fake attacks. It was so exciting! I remember the sounds of him running across the house at top speed. He’d burst round the corner and fly through the air at me with all four limbs splayed, claws deployed, and then bounce right off me and go run and hide. Then I would find him and pounce on him, grabbing him for just a split-second, and then I would run away so that he could hunt me down again.

What do you like to create? What makes you feel most create-ive?
I love to make music, and to draw, and to make up recipes. I enjoy collaborating with people, especially doing make-believe games with my kid friends on the trampoline, creating amazing adventures together.

What do you love to eat?
Macadamia nuts, green smoothies, cherries, raw chocolate smoothies, weird and exotic novelty items, raw milk, quesadillas with basil and cilantro and avocado, quinoa with vegetables, blueberries….

What is your favorite thing about where you are right now? (This can be Where You Are as in the state or city you're in, or Where You Are as in what your life is like, etc...)

Oh, I love that I am in a place where I feel loved and loving, thankful and appreciated, easeful, happy, abundant and content, and connected to Divinity.

P.S.-If you think of something more you want to share/add, feel free! I have no problem with that.

Okay… Words that describe qualities that I cherish in my family:

  • Silly and Playful
  • Caring, Loving, Kind
  • Intelligent
  • Humble
  • Beautiful
  • Sincere
  • Courageous

That’s it! Thanks for asking.

With love and care,
Isaac A. Boatright



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