Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Family: Liz

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Liz is a dynamic balance of gentle and kind and determined and brave. Like me, she cries when happy or touched or sad or mad or tired or laughing--and that might be one of my favorite things about her! She ran track in high school, and was fast and fluid, "like the wind", my dad said. She did French braids, ponytails, and all other manner of hairstyles for her four younger sisters, and she painted our nails. She once memorized a passage of the book Matilda (for a speech class?) and let me tell you, her rendition of the Trunchbull was oddly spot-on, coming from our loving Liz. (Still waters run deep.) Liz was usually first on the scene when any of us cried, most likely to be behind the scenes helping things run smoothly, and last to leave a laughing session. She was, and always has been, just what I needed. Liz:

What brings you most happiness? Trying to follow Jesus!

What would you say is your occupation currently, and/or what would you prefer it to be in the future? Homemaker currently; future: homemaker and published author, counselor/therapist

What is your favorite memory with Rae? Hard to pick only one; first one that comes to mind is laughing at the cats outside our window in La Maisiere, the Belgium guest house.

What makes you laugh really hard? Rae! Seriously! This one story she told me . . . well, I don't know if she wants it posted . . . also, I like Brian Regan . . . [Liz, what is this story?]

What are three of your favorite family memories? (Long, short, silly, otherwise--whichever) not in any order: 1-going to a movie as a family & then all of us leaving together b/c it was inappropriate; it helped me feel secure & learn to be less afraid of what other people thought of me/us  2-the tree house, rope swing, and Lake Gatoon in Panama! 3-going to Dad's office for Halloween, camping out watching movies and eating candy Dad bought for us

What do you do to relax? I put my ear buds in and listen to nice music, hold really still (if possible), and/or read and escape into a book.

Three books you love (and why, if you feel like typing that out) To Kill a Mockingbird, Huckleberry Finn, and Bonds That Make You Free.

Two favorites of all the places we've lived as a family Panama (I was eleven. Blissfully unaware of political drama with eyes only for the flora and fauna)  and Colorado (I was in my prime! 11th grade)

What you love about where you live now The Wichita Mountains aren't far; we go often, hike, boulder, and rock climb. It is so quiet and peaceful. Except when you see a buffalo really close--that's an amazing experience but I wouldn't call it quiet or peaceful exactly . . . I love the quiet neighborhood, the laidback feel of the people here, the great people I have met, through school, church, and at the library.

Tell us about your family (your kids, spouses, people who make your life joyous and full, people you are happy to be surrounded by....) Eleven years ago, with absolutely zero doubts and a soaring heart I married Patrick Edward Davis, who has helped me be a better person and made me laugh. We have four children-Seth, 9, Josh, 7, Claire, 5, and Andrew, 3. People who make my life joyous and full? My friends and family!! I feel blessed with true, good friends, everywhere I have lived, which was a lot of places. I sorely miss my dear friend Marguerite, who I moved away from in San Antonio, and I currently have a special friend here in Oklahoma by the name of Melissa!

What does your dream home look like?Seriously I feel like my current home is a dream home to me! I guess in the future I'll change a few things but I don't really think about it much b/c I feel so content!

Do you have pets? Tell us about them, and maybe briefly share a memory of one of the pets we had as a family. Not yet--hoping for a kitten! One day! And maybe a small, cute, nice dog that's already potty trained?

What do you like to create? What makes you feel most create-ive? I like to create stories, poems, puns, things with words . . . I think what makes me feel most creative is writing a really good well-organized essay or journal entry.

What do you love to eat? Pretty much anything--I do love to eat! I guess I don't love things that are too spicy, and I really have not acquired a taste for Brussels sprouts yet.

Liz lives in Oklahoma [where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain, and the wavin' wheat can sure smell sweet] with her husband, Pat, and their four kids.


Christy said...

I seriously just sang that last line out loud...

I sure miss you guys, I wish I could sneak into a Boatright reunion sometime!

Qait said...

*Christy, you know we'd welcome you!*

Rae, I think it's wonderful that you're doing these.