Monday, March 8, 2010

A new smella

As lots of you know, I had my sinus surgery/septum surgery on Tuesday.

Phill reassured me by saying I'd feel hardly- to no-pain at all.

I have learned that the DOCTOR is the one to listen to in matters like these....not my beefcake of a husband who has a nose that can handle this sort of extreme plumbing.

I woke up from surgery feeling like my nose was on fire. I quietly writhed, trying not to make a scene (why? why did I care that badly?) while they gave me something a tad stronger than morphine. Then I talked to the sweet nurse (Steve, you were awesome) while I floated in and out of my face.

Long story short: My recovery has been going well, though I have learned that my stomach hates pain meds and antibiotics.

My dear friend Jenn came to stay for the weekend because Phill had drill (yes....I know), and I can't thank her enough for her selfless service. Phill has been my bedside angel, seeing to it that no need goes unmet. I am grateful for the obedience of my children through this last week, without which we would have no hair.

I am humbled by the help of so many friends--dinners, babysitting, rides, etc....I say it a lot, but only because it's true: I am so grateful for your help.

Lastly. I am not very sophisticated, I confess. Because after having stints and gauze and heaven knows what pulled from my face today, and finally being able to SMELL, and wondering how things would TASTE with my newly plumbed nose, all I wanted was Taco Bell.

And I bit into that soft chicken taco and spilled tears of joy when I said, "Oh hello, Sour Cream. I don't believe we've met!"

Here's to smelling/tasting anew! I'm still sore, but I already know it was worth it!


Kelly said...

Taco Bell! Rae, that's so funny! Now you can more fully enjoy your own scrumptious cooking (if you're up for that kind of labor).
I wish I was in St. George so I could bring you some of this fabulous apple-cinnamon bread (which I am eating right now), you'd love it. Miss you tons. Give love to your whole fam and blow kisses to St. George for me!

My Family said...

I am so glad all went have a great support system!!!!
I am wondering if this is something Cody needs done, he can't smell anything and he always gets sinus infections (maybe that has nothing to do with it) and I swear food must all taste the same to him...he eats anything and everything. And he snores. How did you guys figure out you needed this?

Qait said...

Yay! I hope you don't have months of projecting bloody booger guts all over the shower.
Ew, I said that! Yes, yay. I should have just stopped there. ;)

Shayanne Snodgress said...

So glad you are feeling better. Love that Taco Bell!

Liz said...

Glad you took care of that--didn't realize you needed that. You couldn't smell before? Just kidding. But what was it that made you realize you needed the surgery? Snoring? Trouble sleeping? Frequent sinus infections/problems?