Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Cara Wisdom

I read some wisdom from Cara today, and oh my just chimes with my bittersweet achings over how fast time is going, especially since Savvy will be 3 in May....THREE!!

So here it is--

Sometimes I look at her and think, gosh, these are the last few months that I have you home, as my baby girl. You are going to go to school and learn bratty things, and want Barbies, and tacky jeans. You are going to start making friends other than me, and you'll make me leave the room on occasion. It's going to happen a lot quicker than I'm thinking it will.


Shayanne Snodgress said...

I don't want to look forward to those days :(

Qait said...

I know, Rae, I ached when I read that, too. Especially the part about learning "bratty" things. I HATE schools for that.
Sometimes I want to trap my little family in a cave or a hole and teach only MY way so that it's all RIGHT.
But *sigh* of course that would be a problem, because the world has a lot to offer my kids.
And a bunch of clones of myself would be pretty laughable if not scary.
I hope I can make our home strong enough in love that it's where they get their strongest foundation for life.

chucknorris said...

Hahahaha! Bratty things! oh you're funny.
too bad huh...
but savvy will only get cuter as she gets older. at least you have that. and then you'll have to keep the guys away from her!!!!
:) wow. not an easy job!

Liz said...

These thoughts resonate with me also. I feel reluctant to let Claire go to school. She is old enough for Pre-K this fall, and to be honest, I think I'd rather have her home with me that year. There is something special about the relationship between my daughter and I; I don't remember feeling this way with Seth or Josh. Yes, I had those moments when it was hard to leave them and let them go, but this is different. I don't know if you already feel this with Savvy yet, but it sounds like you definitely feel dumbfounded by how old she is going to be in a couple months. I love Claire SO MUCH! Today I marveled at her beauty and grace, as I often do. I watched her swing at the playground, and she looked so small and big at the same time. "bittersweet achings" is right.