Friday, February 15, 2008

Waking up, pretend guitars, holes in the knees and bags on sale

So the waking-up-at-7:30 thing is actually going pretty well! The first two days I did it quite well, but yesterday, Phill didn't go in to work (because of the short-and-not-too-sweet snow storm), so I slept 'til 9:00. And this morning, I had a really hard time dragging myself out of bed, even though I did wake up at 7:30 and stay awake! (I couldn't put down Gone With the Wind last night....) So it's going really well, for the most part. I'm proud of myself, because this is really difficult for me! Thanks for all the supportive comments.

We bought Rock Band. I'll have to post pictures later. Reed is crazy about it, and it reinforces his recent desire to have a "homawk". We'll probably give him a homemade one today. He can't exactly play for real yet, so we just let him pretend, and it did come with a few other games, one of which he loves and can play pretty well. Phill and I are like little kids and play Rock Band once the kids are in bed each night. I'm pretty good at drums and miserable at guitar, and Phill's great at guitar and close-to-hopeless at drums. :)

On another note, just because I'm rambling...Reed PLOWS through the knees of his pants in no time at all! I got him some pants in December that were nice quality (I thought?) and they already have holes in the knees. And it doesn't help that he is quite tall but also quite skinny--I have to find pants that are Slim or have adjustable waistbands. Anyway, it's just a pain. I don't mind patching his pants, but it would be nice if he had a pair that didn't look so worn, you know?
Who knew jeans shopping for a five-year-old could be as exasperating as it is for me?

Lastly: I was lucky to hit the Down East Outfitters outlet here and find several things for five dollars and under. Yay for sales! :) I found a bag (pics later) that's J. Crew, which was originally $60.00 (Are you KIDDING me?!), marked down at this outlet for $14.99 (better, but still more than I like...), then with an orange label saying $11.49 (Nice, but no cigar for frugal-but-mostly-stubbornly-cheap me), and then because it was an orange label, it was 50% off of THAT price--$5.74 (Aaahhh...there's the price I was looking for!!). So I got a bag for less than a tenth of its original price. Thank you for the applause. :)


Will&Marie said...

Oh, I love a good sale! How awesome. I miss Downeast Outfitters...they don't have one up here, but I'm always checking out their sales online. Oh, and good job waking up! I've been failing this week. Good thing there's always next week!

camilla said...

That is an awesome sale! I wish i wasn't missing it.
Good job getting up! With Isabel not wanting to sleep, ever, Lily has to rile me out of bed every morning. Poor little girl. Me and John basically have to take turns sleeping. It's so lame, cause we can't let her cry, or the stupid neighbors knock on the wall! Duplex living

Abby Hanson said...

I'm picturing you and Phill playing Rock Band. :) Fun.

So are you loving Gone With the Wind???

I want pictures of the mohawk!

Anna said...

I have always wanted to try Rock Band, it seems like a lot of fun. Oh and awesome job on that bag, I wish I found more deals like that.

chucknorris said...

rock band? huh? i started reading gone with the wind and i want to finish it but it's too long for me right now. hey, this is a little off topic, but my friend saw a photo of phill (the famiy photo we have) and she said that he was sooo cute and that you were so lucky, and could she trade places with you? hahahah i thought i should tell you :D